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  1. I’m trying to structure a system that may be considered non typical. However, I am seeking some information regarding the following: 1.) I’m using 2 (3.5) Infinity Kappa Perfect: impedance 3.5 ohm, Sensitivity 88dB, Frequency Response150Hz – 10KHz (75 RMS,300 peak) (DASH) 2.) Installing the Cerwin Vega (4 x 10) H7410 in rear panel: Peak: 640 watts per pair / 320 watts each RMS: 100 watts per pair / 50 watts each, Sensitivity 93 Db > Frequency response: 75 – 20000 Hz (REAR) 3.) Using an Orion HCCA 1000.4 amplifier to push the speakers. Can I configure the speakers in a series/parallel combination > ie. Use parallel wiring up front (3.5) to obtain 2 ohm (Or just leave at 4 ohm) uncertain as yet? And, can I configure the (Rear) 4 x 10 in series to obtain 8 ohm, allowing the amp to run cooler? 4.) Whether or not this structure has been used in the past is unknown to me. I believe that there could possibly me more staging by using a fader control on the head unit, again uncertain. 5.) Are there any benefits (pros or cons) as using a 2 or 4 ohm load in front while powering the rear at 8 ohm? Please elaborate. Would sensitivity as well as frequency response play a part in using a combination- Series/Parallel and if so what? I would also like to add another amp (mono) to drive a 10” sub-woofer. Can any provide an analysis as to the aforesaid. Any and all input is most appreciated.
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