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  1. Jon.kin96

    Alpine R series vs 12W6V3-D4

    According to the specs, 1.4cu/ft per driver should be plenty/right at their “ideal air space”. I just don’t want to dump $600-1400 on this build and not be happy or have “sloppy” bass or poor response. Those are my two biggest concerns. This is going to be a build that gets put together and stay permanent for YEARS, so I want to get it right the first time.
  2. Jon.kin96

    Alpine R series vs 12W6V3-D4

    Apparently a few guys on here are running it and the description actually lists it as usable in car audio. That’s definitely third on my list, though. With the W6 being the forefront contender. Also, the intention is to have 2 separate enclosures measuring ~1.3-1.5cu/ft each.
  3. Jon.kin96

    Alpine R series vs 12W6V3-D4

    So...just came across another thread that suggested this for a similarly aimed build. https://www.parts-express.com/css-sdx12-xbl2-12-subwoofer--290-3006?AID=1457483&PID=6147010&SID=jvk4yhgvtu000jz40005c&cjevent=d0274e22744311e980cb01b80a24060e Which is the CSS SDX12...never heard of this company before but the price point and enclosure specs fit where I’d like to be. As well as the specs on the driver itself. So I guess we have a third contender now...
  4. Jon.kin96

    Alpine R series vs 12W6V3-D4

    I absolutely cannot decide. Just walked out of audio one and they were trying hard to sell me on the r series. Apparently alpine updated/upgraded the type R and is now calling it the R series. I’m a JL guy at heart, but not opposed to trying the alpines if they’ll stand up and be just as good or even better the W6V3’s. I’m looking moreso for sound quality but production is obviously an important factor as well. I have a max space for 2X1.4cu/ft ported enclosures(dead set on ported). Have to build the enclosures separate. I’ll be running 2 of whichever driver I end up going with wired parallel on a JL 750/1 class D amp. I’m coming from my previous system having 2 12W0V3’s which i was EXTREMELY happy with, but someone wanted them a little more than I did. My question here is this; at $240-280 for the R series, are they really going to stand up to the supposed sound quality of a W6 in a 1.3(ideal size for my trunk) potted enclosure. Especially considering the $700 price tag on the JL. That’s my biggest thing. I have no problem paying the price for the JL, but if I can get the same quality and power out of the r series as the W6, I’ll happily save that money and put it elsewhere in the system.