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  1. So i went ahead and tested the ignition harness for the thick pink accessory wire. I found it with my test ligjt and made the connection to the stereo accessory wire and reconnwcted the battery and turned the ignition on and whala it works. Thanks guys
  2. I unplugged the harness from the stereo and checked while the it wad stilled plugged into the oem harness. Today i took the spliced harness off and checked each wire for continuity. They all passed with 0.1 I also found a wiring diagram which i believe says my cars oem harness doesnt have an accessory wire. Thinking i need to connect the stereo via the large gaged pink wire in my fuse box perhaps.
  3. I didnt actually end up splicing the blue to pink. Blue is covered. The new stereo harness and scosche harness have the same colours and labels so i connected red with red black with black yellow with yellow ect. Definately using the right harness. Someone else told me that the harness i used probably means i need to use a relay to power the stereo via the ignition harness.
  4. Still havent figured it out but i did test with multimeter. Yellow constant is good and ground is good but nothing from red ignition/accessory. Looks like the scosche has red coming from chime box and into the stereo but theres no red wire connecting the scosche to the oem harness. I bet thats the problem. Just have to splice to ignition. Or oem harness.
  5. Ya i thought that was strange as well that gm3000fa wasnt on their website. Here is a copy of the manual for the harness though. This copy was provided by scosche. Also my car doesn't have onstar or the pioneer system. GM3000FA_Spread.pdf
  6. Hello, Im looking for some assistance regarding my new stereo im trying to install in my 2008 Pontiac G5. I made all the correct soldering and tube shrink connections needed for my scosche gm3000fa except for a sw1 sw2 and ant cables to the new radio harness as the scosche didnt seem to have those and assumed they werent needed. I also spliced an extra red ignition cable from the new radio harness and scosche harness connection for a rear camera to install after the new radio functions ( turns on ) which is not connected yet. I put the negative terminal back on the battery and turned it on and no power. I then search the internet to see if perhaps i needed to connect the antenna cable coming from the new radio to a cable in the stock oem harness so i made a connection to the pink radio on power cable on the oem harness (according to a diagram i got from the internet) to the blue antenna power cable. I reconnected the battery again and turned the car on and nothing again. I checked fuse 23 audio system and it seems fine. Also the stock radio was working perfectly before i disconnected it. Im not sure what im missing. Any helpbwould be greatly appreciated. This is my third aftermarket install ever so im still fairly new. Any help is very much appreciated. Thanks, Adam