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  1. pir8king1982

    What to add for top sound quality

    Thanks very much for the reply. I should have mentioned that budget is somewhat prohibitive, I think for head unit and amp, I'd be looking at around $2.5k installed, which is too much. That was my logic with installing just an amp with built in dsp. Could you foresee any issues if I were to do that? Thanks again.
  2. Hi I recently purchased a Hyundai I40 and much to my annoyance it had a very ordinary stock speaker setup. I just had some really good speakers installed, Morel Virtus 602 splits and 602 ultras in the rear but after installation the sound has actually gone a lot quiter and the sound quality isn't as good as I'd hoped for. I'm currently using the stock head unit and a factory amp. My question is this - What are my options to get the best possible sound out of my speakers? I was either going to keep the stock head unit and install an amp witha built in DSP to clean up the signal quality coming out of the stockhead unit or replace the head unit and possibly a separate amp! Any advice would be much appreciated!