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  1. Brandon McFerrin

    Intermittent engine noise help

    Alright, using the same nvx cables with the left and right rca swapped, the noise came through loud on the right channel. No music on that side and high pitched engine whine. Left side was fine and had music. Went to the amp, and barely twisted on the one particular rca and it stopped. So I guess that means bad rca?
  2. Brandon McFerrin

    Intermittent engine noise help

    Okay, so I reversed the left and right plugs of those rcas, and some very faint engine noise came out of the right side. I then swapped rcas completely with the ones for my sub amp. I still hear engine rev from the tweets, but very very faint. It’s really not very loud and doesn’t bother me at that faint volume. But when whatever happens that causes one channel to stop playing music and the engine noise is over the top loud on that channel, that’s a problem obviously. It hasn’t happened yet since swapping cables, but I will keep a check on it. I guess I could rule out amp inputs, since swapping L & R switched the noise to the other side. Maybe I should try grounding the head unit jacks? I’ve read about pioneers having a problem with those. I’m a little stumped, but will keep experimenting.
  3. Brandon McFerrin

    Intermittent engine noise help

    Hi all. I’m running a Fosgate 300x2 to a set of Morel Maximo component speakers. Head unit is a Pioneer AVH-290BT. I’ve had a strange issue for a while, but I’ve had enough and want to solve it. Occasionally when starting my car, I get engine noise on the left channel only. The left speakers don’t play music while this noise is there. It gets louder with vehicle acceleration, and is a high pitch overall. The right side is fine and has never had engine noise. This only lasts for maybe a minute. It will usually go away sooner if I crank the volume all the way or hit a bump. I’ve checked amp ground, and it’s fine. Made sure the rcas were away from power wires. So today when this happened, I popped the trunk and unplugged just the left rca plug. After plugging it back in, noise was gone. What does this sound like? Bad rca cable? Bad input jack on amp? Ground? All equipment is less than a year old, and I’m trying to pinpoint the cause before warranties expire! I have swapped the left and right cables for now to experiment. Hoping it’s something cheap and simple. The rcas are from an NVX airing kit. Any other suggestions or thoughts on what this could be and how to fix it? Thanks in advance.