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    Kenwood DNX874S with Garmin Nav Setup Question

    Don't anyone use this forum anymore ? ?
  2. Turbo6TA

    Kenwood DNX874S with Garmin Nav Setup Question

    Jeeeze .... This "Head Units" forum don't seem to get much traffic. Nobody has even posted in this sub-forum since I started this thread last Thursday.
  3. Hello .... First post from this newbie to the forum. I have a question for someone that is knowledgeable with the late model Kenwood head units with built-in Garmin Nav. I have a Kenwood DNX874S in my Corvette. I don't like any of the vehicle icons that come with this head unit ... On another Garmin I have (which is a stand-alone Garmin), I can download many other vehicle icons from the Garmin website, but on this Kenwood with Garmin Nav, I can't find a way to do this. Anyone here find a way to download a custom vehicle icon to these Kenwood head units that have built-in Garmin Nav? Thanks,