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  1. SoundDecision

    Old new fart

    The company that makes and sells the harness I used to install my JL 6 channel amp was unfamiliar with the Dayton DSP, but he warned me that I need to use a DSP that has balanced inputs. Can't find the details of this, but don't see anywhere on Dayton info if the DSP accepts balanced or not. Any thoughts?
  2. SoundDecision

    Old new fart

    Very informative post, thank you again. Just for clarification, the MINI sends the signal to the front door speakers with some kind of in-line crossover which then feeds the tweeters. The rears are the same set up. The under seats aren't really true sub woofers, but they provide enough bass for my liking so I don't really need to amp them separately. Probably will give this all a try, rather inexpensive way to go. Sounds like you think this would work better than the JL TWK-88 ?
  3. SoundDecision

    Old new fart

    Thanks for the info - one question, if my h/u has fronts, rears and subs (6 rca's in all) which ones go into the processor? F & R only. Do I keep the sub as is in the amp or do I replace that with the 5/6 line outs from the processor? One more ?, does the Bluetooth input override what is being fed by the line in's? Is that switchable from the app or an automatic thing?
  4. SoundDecision

    Old new fart

    Imagine what I would have got here if I actually asked a question. LOL If you care I already upgraded my system with all new speakers and a JL Audio 6 channel amp. I posted a question elsewhere and I want to accomplish two things; 1. secondary source of music input from a DAP. 2. Some sound processing capabilities to mostly deal with the higher (tweeter) frequencies.
  5. SoundDecision

    Old new fart

    Thanks, but in the MINI F56S, the h/u is an integral part of the car. It reads the oil level (no dipstick), shows the TPMS as well as many other diagnostics. None of the aftermarket h/u's will duplicate these features. I'd have to find a way to relocate this in a tiny car with limited room. Not sure how that would be possible for me to do.
  6. HAVE: MINI F56S with upgraded speakers and JL Audio 6 channel amp. WANT: The h/u is a small cumbersome LED screen which is hard to negotiate while driving. I'd like the option of adding a secondary music source, like a digital audio player or tablet and go directly to the amp. The amp is taking three sets of RCA's from the h/u for Front, Rear & underseat subs. I am not sure what is out in the world to cover an a/b switch type solution to handle those 6 inputs and switching to the other device. Do any processors handle something like this? I contacted a few manufacturers and got non answers or pure silence. Doable? or should I just leave it alone? I'd replace the h/u but the MINI h/u handles several functions that are not replaceable like checking oil level, tpms, etc. Thanks!!!!
  7. SoundDecision

    Old new fart

    Hey all, First quality stereo upgrade for me was back in the 80's. Left it to an after market shop and the end result was a wire harness fire. Amazingly back in those days the BMW dealer said nothing and replaced everything like new with no charge to me. I haven't done much with upgrades since then until most recent car. MINI F56S which has awful sound IMO. Will be posting a question shortly.