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  1. OK, I'll go with the amp route (5ch or second mono). I have a new questions about setting everything up. On my pioneer head unit in the settings I have High pass filter (50/64/80/100/125) and in the subwooofer tab I have Phase, Level and Frequency (again 50/63/80/100/125). Should I use the settings in the player to set the frequency response of the speakers and sub or should I use the filters on the amp/amps or some combination? It's easier on my AVR at home, just setting a crossover of 80hz and that's it. Also what crossover frequencies do you use in your cars? Is the "magical" 80hz also appliable in cars, or maybe lower is better, because you can localize the sub in the trunk on higher frequencies? These are the spec of my current amp Kenwood 6406 and the filters it has:
  2. What about the signal sensing (turn on when head unit powers on). I need to split this one too. Is there something important about the way to do it?
  3. Okay, thanks, I will research this route more - it's definitely less expensive than a 5 ch amp, a bit of a clutter for a hatchback trunk, but I'll think about it some more.
  4. So i get a mono amp and those blocks and do I need to change the fuse on the front of this power cable or can I leave it as it is? Thank you!
  5. Yes it will be the best and most proper way, but I have to invest a lot more, since 5 ch amps are expensive and and it appears there aren't many used in my country (for reference, I'm thinking about HERTZ DBX 25.3 sub, which converted from my currency is around 90$ and the cheapest 5 ch amp is Hertz HCP 5D for 324$ converted). I thought about a second mono amp, but additional wiring to the battery and space in the trunk sets me off a bit. I will try to find a decent cheaper 5 ch amp, but there isn't much availability here and to spend nearly 4 times the price of the sub for a new amp just isn't cost-effective.. Still, thanks for your response.
  6. Hello, My current equipment has no SW - Kenwood 6405 amp (4x40 or 2x130 at 4 ohm); 4 Morel speakers connected to the amp (110; 120rms) and Pioneer AVH 3300BT. I'm thinking about adding a 150 RMS Hertz sub with minimal cost (money/space/effort), just to fill the lows a bit. My current idea is: The head unit has 6 RCA (2 fronts, 2 rears and sub L/R), currently 4 of them connected. Can I leave my fronts connected to the amp, wire my rears to the head unit instead and bridge the freed 2 ch on the amp for the sub (using the already installed rear RCA and just moving them to SW RCA on the head unit? (attached image with my connection idea)