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  1. Damn, a few days and nothing?
  2. I'm looking to upgrade my wife's sound in her car. She has a 2015 MKS with the THX audio system that I believe has 14 speakers total and it sounds like garbage. I played with every setting in the car and although turning off THX mode made it sound better, no amount of playing with controls will make this sound good. She's already jealous of my crappy Caravan with 6 stock speakers and a Pioneer head unit that sounds 100x better. Unfortunately her radio cannot be changed as just about every damn thing from this can goes through it. There is a small factory amp I believe on the sidewall in the trunk that I will have to tap into as I don't think I can completely disconnect and bypass it. So I'm thinking about running the factory amp into a DSP and then to a couple of new amps, and just eliminating some of the speakers in the car and putting in some better ones. In the front, there are speakers in the lower front door (I believe they are 6x8's) and I think a pair of tweeters near the top of the door panel, a set of tweeters in the a-pillars, and a set of 3.5's in the dash corners, and a center channel dash speaker. I'm thinking about just going with a component set with the tweets either in the pillars or the upper door panels and eliminating the rest. In the rear, there are speakers in the lower rear doors (I believe they are 6x8's), a set of 3.5's on the rear deck, and a 10" sub in the center of the rear deck. Not sure what I want to do back there but I'm thinking a pair of speakers just in the rear doors for some rear fill, and probably just ditching the stock sub and putting in a small box with a single 10 or 12" sub in the trunk. Unless there are any good subs out there that would work in place of the stock one. I'm looking for any advice/feedback on the following: speaker/sub setup if there are any better ways to integrate new amps into the system and getting from factory to aftermarket stuff DSP or no DSP any feedback on replacing the stock sub with a better one (using stock location) or just putting in a box If anyone has ever done anything with one of these cars or just has any good ideas or this setup I would love to hear them. Any info is appreciated.
  3. happy4ya

    Best for the buck 6x9 replacements for 2019 f250

    This was certainly true for me. I have a 2013 Grand Caravan with the stock 6-speaker setup and a couple of years ago I got a good deal on a Pioneer head unit and boy did it make a difference. Between the upgrade to 22 watts rms per channel of power compared to the stock radio, and the 13 band eq, the cheap ass stock speakers sound really good now. People have got into my van and asked me when I put in a system and when I tell them everything is stock except the radio they can't believe it. I'm getting ready to upgrade everything else now, but with the exception of it lacking a little on the low end punch, the setup sounds really good just from a HU upgrade.
  4. Like Boomin said, you may have issues getting both to fit inside the lug and you will end up with a half-ass crimp. But if both wires slide all the way in without fighting and/or having to remove strands and you can get a good solid crimp then I don't see any reason why you can't. I'm sure you have seen some pretty cheezy connections people have done when wires don't fit properly.......you just don't want one of those.
  5. happy4ya

    Is This a Good Deal Or Is There Better?

    Cool. Thanks. I just ordered one. Lots of good reviews on Crutchfield and Sonic and a lot of people running bigger and beefier speakers than mine, so if I blow my speakers or just want more bass, at least I know I can upgrade to a set of 12's without a problem. My box is about 24 years old but speakers seem to be in good shape (surrounds not dried out). I bought it in 95 or 96 for my Thunderbird I had at the time and it has been sitting unused since 2010 when I sold the car. Not sure if it'll have any effect on it holding up but if it dies, it dies and I'll upgrade.
  6. I'm looking for a good amp for my sealed dual Rockford Fosgate 10" Punch sub box. I believe they handle 200 or 250RMS. I was powering them with an old US Acoustics USA 2200 amp, but need something smaller to hide. Sonic is running a sale on the Alpine MRV-M500 for $107.99 and including the RUX-KNOB.2 for free. Running my subs @ 2 ohms, this will put out 500RMS, around 100 watts more than the old 200 x 2 amp, and I'm guessing will be more efficient and maybe a little cleaner. Just wondering what you guys think about this as a replacement. Or is there better for the money? Smaller is better (is possible) but not a dealbreaker since this is plenty small (it's less than half the size of my old amp). And I do want an external bass knob.
  7. happy4ya

    Speaker and Setup Questions

    Thanks for all the input. I definitely have some more research and thinking to do on this. Just so you know, I was just going to the shops to check out speakers since some of them have sound rooms and get recommendations from people who do this for a living. And I will most likely be buying most of the stuff from a local shop I have been dealing with since I had my first car. As far as the install, I'm doing all of the work myself. And as much as I'd love to go all crazy and custom, I just don't have the time and don't want to put too much into this van since it is a work van with a little over 100K on it I'm not sure how much longer I'll have it. I have been wanting to do this since the van was brand new, but the last bunch of years between work, taking care of family and all left me no time to do this. I even bought 4 Audiopipe 6.5" mid bass speakers and 4 Audiopipe tweeters about 2 years ago that are still sitting new in the box. I was planning on making components in the front and back and reusing some old class AB amps I have from my old car, but it never happened. Now due to the smaller sizes and ease of install, I'll be selling them along with a ton of other old equipment I have and starting over. The only thing I have that I'll be reusing is the Rockford Fosgate dual 10" box. I did a lot of nice car audio installs back when I was in my early 20's, but have been out of it for 20+ years or so now and although I do know about most of what you mentioned above, most of that won't be happening with this install. With the exception of components up front (if I can find a good tweeter location), making some speaker adapters (if necessary), and some amp mounting plates, I am looking to do mostly a swapout of what's already there with as little messing with custom as possible. I know that I can do much more/better if I wanted to, but I also know that I can get some pretty good sound without going too crazy, and that's why I was looking for recommendations on front stage speaker setups and best speaker types for this type of setup. Your input has definitely helped and I thank you for it. I will definitely be concentrating more on the front stage, and will be doing some sound deadening around the front end of the van too. I watched the videos you linked as well as some others on these tiny mono amps and if I don't go with a single amp for the system, I will most likely be doing something similar for the bass end.
  8. happy4ya

    Speaker and Setup Questions

    If I replace the USA 2200 with a new class D amp I can definitely keep the amp(s) mounted under the seats whether I do separate amps or just a single 5 channel amp as they are so small they will easily fit under the front seats. And I can just make a quick disconnect for the sub box. So the sub end will be easier to figure out. I'm more concerned with suggestions for the front speaker setup. One shop told me to do components and put the tweeters up where the 3.5's were on the dash, but I feel like they will be spread too far apart and not sound right. Another shop agreed with me on that and said the other guy was wrong, and suggested some of the higher end Alpine coaxial 6x9's in the doors and any decent pair of 3.5's to replace the cheesy stock speakers, and another one said to do components in the front doors and just forget about the 3.5's in the dash altogether. There are just so many speakers out there to choose from, and no way to listen to most of them without buying them and trying them out. And so many setup options. I'm just trying to get ideas so I can hopefully do this once and be happy with the result. I'm not opposed to spending more on better speakers, but is spending double, even triple necessary? I was told that most of the $150 and less priced speakers are all entry-level and just slightly better replacements for stock speakers and will not sound anywhere near as good as the recommended ones (Alpine R-Series) which were closer to $300 per pair.
  9. happy4ya

    Speaker and Setup Questions

    This is probably not going to work because of the size of the amp. Due to the size, the amp will not fit under either of the front seats without sticking out. The van is a work van so I need everything hidden (except the sub box), and I was planning on mounting the USA 2200 directly to the sub box and making a quick disconnect setup in case I need to remove it for work. It is also my personal ride, and I do uber/lyft so I do want some better sound in the back too, but I'm OK with just upgrading the back to some cheaper 6x9's and focusing most of the money/effort on the front and sub setup. I do want to use a newer class D amp for the main speakers since they are so much smaller. Even that 5 channel Alpine amp is about half the size of the USA 2200 and will fit nicely under either front seat with room to spare. What do you think as far as front speakers? 6x9 components? 6.5" components? I know there are more choices with 6.5's, but I figured the 6x9's would probably give a little more sound. The main thing is what to do with the tweeters. Trying to figure out the best spot for a "not too custom" mounting of them is proving to be challenging. And a Dodge Caravan is not exactly the most popular car for a stereo system, so I haven't been able to find any other ideas from people who have done them.
  10. happy4ya

    Speaker and Setup Questions

    I have a 2013 Grand Caravan and I'm looking to hook it up with some good sound. I have a Pioneer NEX double DIN head unit, and I was planning on putting some new 3, 4, or 5-way 6x9's in the doors and also in the back, and some new 3.5" coaxials in the dashboard. I was going to get a Alpine PDR-F50 (85RMS x 4) for the four 6x9's and a 45 x 2 I already have for the dash speakers. And I already have a sealed box with 2 Rockford Fosgate Punch 10" subs with an old US Acoustics 200 x 2 to drive them.Since there are so many speakers to choose from, I went into one of the stereo shops in my area to try to listen to some different 6x9's before buying, and after telling the guy what I was looking to do, he told me instead of coaxials in the front, he would do some Alpine R-S69C.2 6x9 components in the doors and put the tweeters from that component set up in the dash where the 3.5's go, and a pair of Alpine R-S69.2 coaxials in the rear panels, and I should drop my 200 x 2 amp and use an Alpine (yes they are a big Alpine shop) PDX-V9 5 channel amp to run everything. (100RMS x 4 and 500RMS x 1). Part of me feels like he is just trying to push some pretty expensive equipment on me, and part of me knows that it is some good stuff so I'm looking for some input. I have 2 questions, and the first is about the front setup. I know it's usually not recommend to spread the components too far apart or they don't sound right but he said that he had done this plenty of times, and in my van they are not spread too far and the tweeters bouncing off the dash would blend nicely with the 6x9 woofers low in the doors and it would sound great. Just wondering what your thoughts are on this compared to doing full range speakers in the doors and also on the dash. I know you lose some of the highs low in the door, but I can still hear plenty with the stock setup so I'm not sure if losing that from the doors will be good or if it's going to sound unbalanced.The next question is about dropping my amp and using the 500 x 1 on the Alpine amp for my sub box. A lot of people have told me that these newer class D amps don't sound as good as the old AB amps I have, but everything I have used in the past have been AB so I haven't heard anything with them yet. The Alpine amp does 500RMS @ both 4 ohms and 2 ohms, so I can run my existing subs in parallel and do the 2 ohm load. I know stereo is not 100% necessary for subs, but it’s the difference between 200 watts per speaker stereo (AB), or 500 x 1 mono - 250 per speaker (D).I'm not opposed to the guys recommended setup as the single amp would make the install MUCH easier, but the 2 sets of speakers and the 5 channel amp will cost quite a bit more than what I was planning. Those Alpine speakers are pretty pricey, and the amp is about $600. As much as I would love to do custom stuff, it is a work van and I have no idea how much longer it's going to last so I don't want to go too nuts. The stock speakers are cheesy paper cone, full range factory speakers and just the extra power from the Pioneer unit along the equalizer made them sound pretty damn good . If I could recreate that but louder and with proper low end to match I'd be happy. I’m really into clean well balanced sound. I go from Metallica, to rap, to dance music, to classic rock, to freestyle (pretty everything except for country). Sorry for the long post, but if anyone makes it through it, any input will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.