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  1. balanced- means the audio has been turned to be in the centre full- means all audio has been balanced to that side. big difference, same song obviously.
  2. More money going down the drain , yay
  3. Hi all, I tried searching the group if there were was others having the same issue but not luck. I bought my car (Subaru liberty) about a year ago with a preexisting JL xd700/5 amp already hooked up. The car has a HimBox Bluetooth device which plugs into my car aux port. The car also had a PAC lp7-4 which is a 4 line channel output converter. Before a couple of cables would come loose and I would lose my right side speaker volume but I would just readjust the cables and it would work as required. I got it rewired by a professional at Autobarn because the guy before did a horrible back yard job and it was discovered that the head unit loom was too short and posed a fire risk. I can no longer access the PAC lp7-4 converter now after the rewiring. Now my right side audio isn’t as loud as my left and gets even quieter at times. To have centred volume I need to have my balance set to R03 out of 09. My left front speaker fuzzes at times as well now. My question is- could the new wiring that has been done professionally have highlighted how bad my speakers are and may need replacement or could there be a loose wire somewhere. Any advise or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks 🙂