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  1. brayball25

    How can I get the best bass under truck seat?

    loudest or best performance
  2. Hey, I have a gmc sierra 2007 crew cab and I was wondering if someone could tell me what I could do to get the loudest bass under my backseat. Ive been wondering rather to get 3 8s or 4 8s or 2 10s. If anyone has any suggestions or know the best way please let me know.
  3. brayball25

    Comp Vx vs Comp R

    so do you think the car in the video has decent bass. also i was looking at a box with 4 8inch but the port was coming on the side of the box by the door, would that be fine?
  4. brayball25

    Comp Vx vs Comp R

    so the 12s or 10s wouldnt work and i should go for smaller subs?
  5. brayball25

    Comp Vx vs Comp R

  6. brayball25

    Comp Vx vs Comp R

    So ive been lookintg at subs to put under my seat in my truck. ive been wondering whether the difference in a comp r and a comp vx is substantial. im just looking for somethting that will vibrate the cars around me? I was gonna get 2 compvx 12 but now im wondering whether or not two compr 12 would do the trick. Or if there are other subs anyone would recommend
  7. brayball25