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  1. Crazedhick3

    New Headunit in Silverado

    Hey guys. Late response here but I took care of the issue. The speaker wire connector/ harness at the left rear speaker would work loose and lose connection. Took out connector and butt spliced. All ok now. I have another question though. When I hook up my amp, I am gonna use the factory speaker wires and splice in behind the deck from the amp. Do I need to disconnect the wires from the deck or will it work ok if it’s wired in parallel? I figure with the rcas active they aren’t being used anyway. Thanks.
  2. Crazedhick3

    New Headunit in Silverado

    Only happens when faded together or rears only. I still am adding to the system. I’m trying to keep it drivable while I work on it. So I still have the dash cover removed so I’ll check wires behind radio. I’ll also pull the rear panels but may just wait til I run new wires to the amp once it’s installed. Another question. I’m learning this head unit as I read the manual more closely. A lot has changed since I used to play with the old alpines in the 90s! If I have the active crossover present on the radio, should I use or remove the passive crossover for my JL tweeters?
  3. I am in the process of upgrading my system in my 09 Silverado 2500 Hd non Bose. Installed an Alpine ILX 207, Added the Maestro module and Xm radio. Added 6 1/2" JL Audio door speakers and added JL tweeters in stock location. Amp and sub not yet installed. Bought from Crutchfield and used their ready Harness service. All works great when using front speakers only. But when I fade in the rears, everything gets scratchy. My factory rears stopped working and I thought were blown before I decided to upgrade. Possible wiring issue with the factory wire?