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  1. Even when trying to get down to 10hz you think an 18 in infinite baffle is going to play 80hz nice and supportive? A 6.5 playing 45-60 hz is gonna compete with the spl of a dedicated 18?
  2. I was thinking of attempting a build using a Fi IB318 v2 in Infinite Baffle being 5hz-45 and two skar SDR-8s in separate IB being 45-200hz (The rest of the system would be four 6.25's and two 1.5's). Is it possible to phase in any way to achieve a solid sounding slope from 40-60hz with this setup? I really want this 18, but I don't want to give up so much room from 40-60hz with only 6.25s. For a little context it would be a 2001 solara with the 18 (baffle to trunk) where the rear seats are and the 8s on the rear interior panels.