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  1. Carlosss

    2 subs or 1?

    Hi, if you want more bass, seems the easiest and cheapest way is to use the 2nd sub and amp you already have, giving each sub 250w. I have the Boston Pro 12 svc 4 ohm powered with 600 w and it sounds quite good. I have asked if 1000/1200w would make much difference and the consensus is not much(on another forum), so 250 to 500 probably won’t make much of a difference either. Might as well use the spare sub, if not abused should last forever?
  2. Carlosss

    Need advice for amp power to sub

    I have a Boston acoustics pro 12.5 sub(4 ohms) in custom box at Boston specs (sealed 1” mdf). It is rated at 1200w rms and iam now using a 600w rms(Hertz class D). Although it sounds pretty good, cant help wondering how much difference a 1000-1200w amp would sound compared to the 600w amp. Need advice from people with experience trying different amps with the same sub.