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  1. Butrdtost

    JLJunkie's Retarded Budget Build

    First thing I wanna say is kick cancer's ACE man! Also I wanted to say I joined instead of just watching to boards b/c of your build. People are crazy, I had some people get into my wife's SUV a few months back and steal everything out of her center console including her spare set of keys that included my spare Trailblazer key, our house key, mailbox key... Luckily we had Homeowner's insurance so the keys were able to get replaced... unfortunately they would NOT pay for a re-keying of my TB so praying someone doesn't come back and run off with it... Funny part is... after she got done being upset and freaked out over the keys the thing she was most pissed about was that they stole her stash of napkins X-D She was fuming like, do they know how long it took to collect all those napkins! We have kids! What kind of A-Hole steals napkins!