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  1. I have a Zenclosures enclosure now that fits perfectly, but only has 1.00 cu ft per chamber (2 - 12s). I have read that the W6s perform good in smaller enclosures but better in higher than recommended volumes (JL recommends 1.25 cu ft for 12w6v2).
  2. I listen to rap, r&b, soul, and old school bass (Magic Mike, PEB, Bass Patrol, Techno Bass Crew, etc.). Which would be better, 1 12w6v2 in 1.5, 1.75, or 2.0 cu ft, or 2 10w6v2 or v3 in 1.0 cu ft per sub, all sealed enclosures? This is in trunk of Infiniti G37 sedan, pushed by RF p1000-1bd. I like tight, clean bass, which is why I prefer sealed. Which will be louder, harder, deeper, lower?