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  1. Ok, settling in on reality here, I've come up with a new plan:Replace existing Seaworthys with Kicker 6.5"s in the cabin and bow and add the Kicker IB Sub. These would all be powered by a Polk 5000.5 amp. Add 2 x Kicker 8" cans to the tower powered by a Polk 2000.2 amp. All these controlled from an Exile ZLD 3 zone controller with BT receiver. This makes the replacing the HU/remote a waste of time and money. The Kicker 8" replacement I planned for the rear cabin 6.5"s became a real pain trying to match amps to their power demand (150w) and integrate them with the bow 6'5"s as a zone. So, I'm going the KISS route and sticking with 6.5"s for now all around; will add 2 more 6.5"s midship next year, maybe. Now I'll have 3 zones; cabin, tower, sub, all managed from the ZLD. All this comes in right about at my budget...includes some refurb stuff from Polk but I'm OK with that. Better plan? https://pdf.crutchfieldonline.com/Im...7PAD5K5_DL.PDFhttps://pdf.crutchfieldonline.com/Im...7PAD2K2_DL.PDF
  2. So, you don't think I could wire these speakers as depicted in the attached diagram (fifth one down). If I went with the 4 x 8"s on the 2chan as you suggest, how would I separate the tower 8''\s from the cabin 8's via the zone controller? Exile_XM_Amp_wiring_guide.pdf
  3. Thx, guys. I'm off on another path now. Could I run these speakers with an Exile 5 channel Javelin? 2 x 6.5's on 1 and 2, 4 x 8s in parallel on 3 and 4, sub on 5.
  4. Hi folks, new the forum and I'm coming out of the chocks with a few questions for the car experts out there doing 12v builds. I'm upgrading a 2009 232 Limited S with a new sound system. Here's my equipment list:2 x Kicker 6.5" (65 watts RMS)4 x Kicker 8" (2 in the cabin, 2 in tower cans) (150 watts RMS}1 x Kicker 10" Freeair Sub (175 watts RMS)Kenwood KMR-M325BT w/KCA-R55MR remote control2 x Polk D4000.4 or 1x Rockville RXM8BTB 8 Channel Amplifierhttps://www.polkaudio.com/products/pad4000https://www.rockvilleaudio.com/rxm8btb/What's the general consensus on this equipment list?How would I configure the amp(s) to the speakers to get the best output?Any input would be welcome. I don't really know my a$$ from third base about audio installation but want to give it a go.