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  1. sdcerreta

    2500-3k watts at 2ohm OR .5ohm..whats out there

    Sorry if I was misleading, this was not my intention. I should have noted that this Critical Mass subwoofer is not built the same as most DVC subs. The information I shared was directly from CMass tech support when I installing my system. I had a bad voice coil in a sub and this was part of the troublshooting sequence. I too was surprised when the guy told me that I can run the sub with only one VC connected without causing any damage to the subwoofer. So, what makes this sub unique is the build construction. Each voice coil is wound seperate and according to the manufacturer can be played independantly. I tried it and it does in fact work perfectly with only a single VC connected. However, it should be noted that not all manufacturers build their subs with this level of quality construction. Most subs use dual voice coils that are intertwined and not independant of each other. Therefore, as the critics suggest, this was bad advice for most subwoofers. However, this CMass sub is in fact very versatile and does have many options for installation since the VCs are independantly wound. I wish all DVC subs were built this way.
  2. sdcerreta

    Rockford Fosgate 3six

    That is ridiculous. They should have done more to help you. Cant you return it under warranty?
  3. sdcerreta

    What’s with critical mass!?

    CMass has a marketing strategy to sell to celebrities and sports stars. There prices reflect this. They do not really cater or sell to the general masses. However, when a celeb buys a CMass system for $250k or up that includes the custom install. Severl high end shops receive this work and build these cars. Sometimes they have leftovers and these will go up for sale at a fraction of the MSRP and can be afforded by regular folk. I am an old school guy and remmeber when they emerged and won all the IASCA awards. So, when I had the chance to buy a set of speakers at a reasonble price comparable to Hertz, HAT, Dynaudio, Focal and other high end speaker makers, I took the plunge. I was amazed by the sound quality and since worked harder to buy more speakers and products. Other than the Fosgate OEM integration device, my sound system is all CMass. All the items you find in my signature were purchased for about $4k. The MSRP on these products about $48k. So, while there is a sticker shock, it is important to remember they do not market their products to the masses. But the quality is like no other brand I have tried. The customer support is also outstanding. The price I paid for these products is actually a little less than I would have paid for a comparable high end sound system from Zapco, Dynaudio, Focal, Audio Control and other high end competitors. The biggest trouble I found with CMass is that they have an awful website and poor product advertising and spec sheets. So, anytime I try to look up specs for a speaker or amp, often there is nothing available. Which means you have to call the CMass Authorized Installers or CMass directly. This is a PITA. They also have a lot of products available that have no literature at all and they dont even have model numbers as some are manufactured for special vehichle builds. The 8" sub I have is amazing and has only been installed in 10 vehicles. This stuff truly is special, and if you have a chance to buy it at a price less than other high end products, then in my opinion it is a no brainer. You just have to work harder to make it happen.
  4. sdcerreta

    Help me choose my setup!

    Any update? What did you end up buying and installing?
  5. sdcerreta

    2016 Subaru Forester 2.0XT

    Do you have any updates to post? I am curious how you lift the foam panels out. Do you use some quick disconnects or somthing to facilitate complete remove of the trays so you can access the spare tire?
  6. sdcerreta

    Help me choose my setup!

    You can definitely do better. Alpine and Fosgate are reliable and fair priced. ID, Hertz, Arc and HAT are really awesome but you will pay more.
  7. sdcerreta

    Crossover settings

    Did you get it all dialed in? Definitely want to use the DSP to control all the crossover points. You also want to make sure the configuration is setup correctly with the DSP. That processor is very versatile, and you can sum input channels if you need to get a full range signal from the Head unit. You also need to run the setup and set you level inputs usign the setup CD. I do not let this thing auto-tune. I manually control the inputs and then exit after that. I found that running auto-configuration on the 3.sixty does not work as well as manually controlling everything. I bought a Dayton UMM-6USB mic and use my laptop to RTA the system. I use trueRTA for the sofware. Great package all for about $125 or so.
  8. sdcerreta

    old school amps vs new amp sound quality

    High quality Class D amps are great. As others mentioned, less power consumption, smaller cables, no need for extra bass and caps. Unless you are competing, class D will work fine. With that said, I am old and went back to class A/B amps after about 10 years with a pair of JL audio class D amps, which I loved. Now I have fat cables again.
  9. sdcerreta

    Box for 2 Alpine Type R 12s

    I love those subs. So awesome and so reasonably priced. Nice box build.
  10. sdcerreta

    2016 Subaru Forester 2.0XT

    Nice use of the foam section above the spare tire. My amps are under the seats and I am exploring options. I did not consider mounting the amps on the foam section. Nice work.
  11. sdcerreta

    2018 Subaru WRX

    Nice work. Those U3 speakers have amazing range. What made you want to add on tweeters? I ran my U3s from 315Hz to 20kHz and was able to get a very flat RTA response even at 16 and 20 kHz. What sound deading material are you using? It look more like a pad than the thin butyl mat. Any over heathing issues with your amps tucked in the wheel well? I have mine under the seat and had a thermal shutdown a couple days ago. I need to get some fans or somthing on the amps.
  12. sdcerreta

    1966 El Camino

    I'm jelous! Nice skills. I paid a shop to build a rack and sub box for my 70 el camino. Came out nice, but yours is amazing. Nice work.
  13. sdcerreta

    Amprack rework

    Very nice work! I like the repurposing of the old rack. I would of just started over with new wood and wasted money. 😀
  14. sdcerreta

    2500-3k watts at 2ohm OR .5ohm..whats out there

    Dude, 2 ohm DVC subs are super versatile. High end subs will have each coil wound seperate, so you can just run one voice coil and the sub will play perfectly. If you blow it in 5 years, you can still run the other coil. Wont hurt to try. If it palys music with one coil wired up and the other discoonected, then the coils are wound seperate. Another option is that if your amp is 2 channel then run each channel at 2ohms per coil. I just picked up some Critical Mass amps. They are quite amazing! You can get these from metroholdings on ebay for about 10% of their list price. This seller does dealer builds and they often have leftovers from the project builds and will sell off that equipment to normal people. C.Mass markets to pro athaletes and celebrities. Their prices reflect this, but the equipment is amazing if you can get it. Their CM-AUE2.5k will drive that sub in parallel just fine. It is rated at 0.75ohm stable pushing 2500watts RMS. It has plenty of headroom and a SN of 118dB. Super clean amp. Good luck.
  15. sdcerreta

    Rockford Fosgate 3six

    The remote must be connected to the top port. I don;t recall what the bottom port is for, but it will not allow the remote to work. I had mine hooked up to the bottom port and had to take it to the shop looking like a dumb ass. They just moved it. The PC software used to control this 3.sixty is wicked awesome. I love the flexibility and simple things like delay on/off signals to stop audio pops. It also has an invert switch at each speaker so you cna optimize polarity without doing it the old fashion way which is to swap the speaker wires at the amp.