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  1. My headunit outputs a low level balanced signal but it is over 2 wires not 3 (there is no ground reference) but my DSP cannot accept a balanced signal. I’ve looked at converters online but the inputs all seem to be XLR connectors, which are 3 wire. How would i go about this??
  2. tonksie93

    Is my processor faulty?

    Headunit is standard BMW idrive and amps are a JL Audio HD600/4 and a Ground Zero GZNA 1.2500DXII I’ve connected my headunit straight to the amps and i have no issues. Only thing is my headunit outputs a balanced signal. Do you know if the DSP accepts balanced RCA inputs?
  3. When your engine is running your alternator is charging the battery meaning you have around 14.4 volts. When your engine is turned off you are just using the power stored in your battery which is around 12.6 volts. While it’s not the same amp i have a JL HD600/4 and it’s very good, small, powerfull and good SQ. I have some Sundown SD3-10’s which have a 4.75 inch mounting depth, have a look at the 8 inch version it might be a bit shallower.
  4. tonksie93

    Is my processor faulty?

    Thanks for the advice but i think its cooked. Tried different headunit output voltages from 1-3 volts by adjusting the HU volume and tried different DSP volumes but anything higher than 35/66 and you can clearly hear the buzz, no matter what the HU voltage is. Also when muting seperate channels on the DSP or even the main volume it still outputs a small signal to my amplifiers and the speakers still play.
  5. tonksie93

    Is my processor faulty?

    I have a Dayton Audio 408 processor and i have been having problems with noise and gain adjustment. When setting my gains using 0db sine waves my headunit outputs 3.7 volts at 3/4 volume and connects to my processor input. With my processor at full volume (66/66) it outputs 3.4 volts with nothing changed on the headunit and no crossovers etc turned on in the processor. My amplifiers then connect to the processors outputs and i am able to set my amplifier gains to the voltage required for maximum output before clipping. The problem is that there is a static buzz from my speakers which is quite loud. Turning down or muting the headunit does nothing, if i turn down the volume on my DSP then the noise reduces. I played with volume settings on my DSP and at 30/66 i cannot hear a buzz which is great. But now the processor outputs 0.6 volts from the same 3.7 volt input from my headunit. If i then try to adjust my amplifier gains i cannot get a high enough output voltage because of such a small input voltage and as the gain knob maxes out. Surely the processors output voltage should match the input voltage at some point? In a nutshell if the processors volume is high enough for me to set the amplifier gains correctly there is a loud buzz. And if the processors volume is turned down to a point where i cannot hear the buzz the processors output voltage is too small.
  6. I have a static high pitched buzz when my cars engine is on. My headunit, DSP and both amplifiers all ground straight to the battery (located in the trunk). When i unplug ONE of the RCA’s going into my DSP’s input the buzz stops. But when both RCA’s are connected the buzz is there, when both RCA’s are disconnected the buzz stops too. I am using the cars OEM headunit and fitting an aftermarket one is not an option. The headunit outputs a low voltage signal through twisted speaker wires, which i have then attached RCA connectors so they can plug into my DSP. Any ideas?
  7. tonksie93

    Sundown SD3-10 upgrade?

    Just checked my DSP settings and the main volume was set at max so maybe it was sending a clipped signal to my amps when recieving a high voltage signal from my headunit. Will redo my gains and hopefully see an improvement.
  8. tonksie93

    Sundown SD3-10 upgrade?

    What do they sound like when bottoming out? My amp is a Ground Zero GZNA 12500DXII and i’m using my oem headunit but with a Dayton Audio DSP as a line output converter.
  9. tonksie93

    Sundown SD3-10 upgrade?

    I have the subs wired to 1 ohm, at that impedance my amp puts out 2300wrms if i remember correctly. I have set the gains for 1000wrms with a little bit of headroom. Once i get near full volume i can hear them start to distort. Hence why i am looking for subs with a higher power handling.
  10. tonksie93

    Please help!

    So you have a remote gain adjustment for your amp? It could be faulty.
  11. tonksie93

    Morel Hybrid 402 alternatives

    Looking for some high end 4inch component speakers but the market seems quite small. Have heard good things about the Morel Hybrid 402’s and looked at a set of Focal ES100K’s but i have had focal speakers before and they seemed too harsh/bright for my liking. Is there any other alternatives?
  12. tonksie93

    Please help!

    What is happening when it’s not playing fine?
  13. tonksie93

    Sundown SD3-10 upgrade?

    Hi, i have 2 sundown sd3-10’s and i’m running them with a touch over 1000wrms. These subs work perfect for me as space is tight and i can only use 2 small sealed 10inch enclosures. The only thing is my amp powering them can output 2000wrms, just wondering if there is any subs similar to the sd3-10 in terms of mounting depth and enclosure preferences but can handle 1000wrms EACH?