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  1. StreakyBacon

    Speaker set up for classic car Stag.

    UPDATE. I went into an audio place and was advised to keep the speaker locations, except for the 4" in the centre of the dash. These should just be removed. Tweeters and 6" replaced by some "Hertz" ones, fed by a 2 channel amp with crossover. Ideally have that amp also power a passive sub and get rid of the one I have. They advised a Hertz amp, but I have some old stuff from the 90s in my garage and wonder if that would do? (Kenwood 2 ch amp KAC-723 200w I think). Any thoughts anyone? Would a processor fit into this set-up? Is 4 speakers enough?
  2. StreakyBacon

    Speaker set up for classic car Stag.

    Thanks. So the 6 speaker setup and position is a good bet? I wasn't sure if i needed more or to simplify. As for the amps, that does make sense. I was originally talked into just using that head unit and told to add a resistor to the tweeters, but I've never liked it. After 3 years the cable going to the 4s has become brittle too on one terminal and dropped off so forced me to take action. And you're bang on with the cabin noise. At 70mph the music needs to be loud! Oh and steering wheel is on the proper side
  3. Hi – looking for some setup advice. I have a 1974 Triumph Stag and want good clarity, balanced sound while being discreet. I’ve lived with my first effort long enough and it’s wrong: Two tweeters behind swivel air vents either side of the dash Two 4” in the centre of the dash pointing up (this was original place for a single speaker) Two 6” mounted under the dash pointing down into each footwell Active sub in the soft top storage area Speakers powered by Alpine head unit with good power (I’ll find out the spec and post later) I was advised this would be a good result, and I was utilising some Bose speakers from an Audi A8 so was cheap too. However it sounds either too high frequency (even with the sub on full) or if I put more into the 6”, it’s too low. I rebuilt the whole car a few years ago and this in now the only thing letting it down, please help! I’m thinking bin the current speakers, and maybe have a different combination, but would an amp be better? The head unit does seem to have enough to drive them so I thought the issue was more position/type of speaker. Cheers