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  1. Sometimes have to do with what's available. Since I have a quad cab there is barely room behind back seat for even a amplifier. Honestly for what I have it sounds fairly good and tight bass. I just want a little more power handling subs and to hit the really low freq a little better.
  2. Yes, sealed up firing, I even thought about a single 12 using entire box space that can handle 1,000 watts. I thought about the alpine type s 12s because they show ideal would be under. 90 cf per sub, but I never had any alpines before. Box could be at best 2cf but I don't know for sure, a person on a forum made it and actually did a fantastic job and is super strong, but I have no idea of airspace. Looks like a tall net audio box and that box is around 2cf so thinking this box is close.
  3. The first one looks good, box is a little small for 2, think It wants 2.4 cf for 2, but should still be ok. Do you think I should seperate the sides or leave box open to both subs?
  4. I have a 2013 Ram Quad Cab, nothing special, is just a budget setup. I had the Alpine system from factory and 8.4 inch radio. I replaced all speakers with 2ohm(actually are 2.4 ohm) interior speakers with jbls except headliner running off the OEM amp. Sound deadened and closed cell foam on all door panels. I have a 1100 watts rms mono Amp stable to 2ohm. I'm running a Amp pro ch41 to the amp for subwoofer signal. Under rear seat I have a custom homemade fiberglass dual 12 box with total airspace undivided of 1.7cf. Is pretty tall so seats are lifted as high as possible with headrest. I had 2 subs in there and due to basket shape it hit side of lower box, so for quick bass I just put in some $40 400 watts rms pioneer champions to get me by until I can decide on what I need and they actually sound good, but really low bass is not perfect, but does hit hard and sounds good for what it is. So my question: I was thinking of 2 Alpine Type S 12s in box, would fit with a lot of room to spare. Not sure if that's best option and if I do the alpine, should I fill in center of box to have 2 sealed areas that would be a little over. 80cf space for each sub. I know the Aplines are not the most efficient, so is what's keeping me wondering. The pioneers are 95db efficient. Or should I go with 1 1,000 watt rms 12 and use entire 1.7cf.Trying to stay around $250 for 2 or 1 sub. Advice appreciated. I don't know exact cf of box, but comparing to other fiberglass enclosures for same vehicle, it can be anywhere from 1.7-1.9cf. Box is super strong, could handle most subs without issue, depth is around 9 inched but basket size and magnet size may interfere, so some won't work.