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  1. baldwaldo99

    Mazda 3 build

    Thanks jeffdachef. Already treated the front doors. Working on the trunk now. Can’t return the JL Audio speakers. Gonna try your recommend though on the rest.
  2. baldwaldo99

    Mazda 3 build

    Help! I’m running JL Audio c3’s component in the front, c2’s coaxial in the rear and a 10 “ w6 sub in the trunk. It’s all running off an rd900/5, LC7i, and a TWK88 DSP. I love ALL music from Etta James to Datsik. I feel like I am missing some mid bass. I purchased another rd900/5 so I can lose the crossovers and grab either 2 jl 6” subs ( don’t know where to put them), 2 8”s (same prob) and another 10” w6 in the trunk. Do I need a new aftermarket head unit? I’m also sound deadening as much as I can. Where do I start?