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  1. Thanks for the help Jeff, Looks like I will be buying another amp I appreciate all the feedback
  2. Nah, it was an older kit, I forgot the model number but it did start with efx. when I google searched it was in that $60 price range. Bought it off a guy on offerup. the fuse holder was messed up somehow and stopped sending signal so I replaced the fuse holder with a stinger breaker
  3. Any advice on which direction I should go with system setup?
  4. Thanks, I will definitely grab some new rcas, it as far as the power and ground, the wire is ofc, at least that’s what it says on the package and wire. Still toss it?
  5. Thanks for the response Jeff, As far as filters go, the Evils are on full bandpass and the Anarchys are low passed on the amp. The taramps does not have any hz adjustments on the amp itself, just gain, lp hp bp. I am not going to be running active because I do not want to add another amp. The evils will be put on a passive crossover once I get my tweeters in which is tomorrow. I ran all new 14 gauge speaker wire and completely bypassed all stock speaker wiring (which was a pain like no other in this 2nd gen durango). Crossover points are not set on the head unit either (pioneer avh2400nex). I was thinking of running the anarchys on the sub output but wasnt sure if it was the smart thing to do, but now that you said that I will try that next. I also was noticing that the passenger side anarchy had a weaker bass response than the driver side, I was guessing that it may be wiring, i was also wondering if my rca cables were just no good. They came from a scosche 4 gauge amp wiring kit.
  6. When you say you have better bass, what head unit were you running before? and do you use apple carplay? I heard that you have to buy a special alpine usb cable in order to connect, which would probably make my decision, I have a 3.0 usb cable that looks like a cigarette outlet that i have modded my console panel to accommodate and would like to use that one. Also, I have a bypass to play videos while the parking brake is not engaged. Have you done this? I heard it is a bit trickier with this HU
  7. Do you have this HU? If so how do you like it? I was thinking of going with that one. I use discs rarely, but still unsure of going mechless
  8. Need help... I am currently running SSA Evils 6.5 in my front doors and Exodus Anarchy 704 in the rear doors. They are being powered by a Taramps DS1200.4. Now I was assuming that the Anarchys were going to have better midbass, but the Evils seem to have a deeper midbass and give me the sound that I want. I thought that it might be because of sound deadening, or lack thereof, but the Evils do not have any either and sound much better. From my setup, I am assuming that the SSA Evils are a better speaker and I should sell the Anarchys and go with evils all the way around. Am I correct with that assumption? Or can someone advise me on the steps I should take to improve the sound for those speakers. If anyone has any experience with them what was the best setup, or enclosure type to get the best sound out of them? My next question, is there such a thing as too much power? Too many watts running to the speakers? The Taramps 196x4 @ 4 ohms rms, and I believe the anarchys are 100 rms, and evil 125 rms. I know that i want to have headroom, but is there such a thing as too much? When going loud, gain turned almost all the way down, and eq at flat, I get a lot of distortion. My intention was to low pass the anarchys and run them something like a sub. Because of kids, wife, and keeping space, I did not want to run any subs in the rear. Is there better speakers that would accomplish this in the door? Anarchys are in there now so I have plenty of depth. I was looking at the PRV 6MR500-NDY-4 6.5s. Would these have better midbass response and overall sound compared to the anarchys? sorry for all the newb questions Also, I am getting 12.6 volts on multimeter readings Thanks in advance for any help
  9. Hello Everyone, I received the DS800.4 yesterday from amazon. I purchased a used one that said it hat cosmetic damage, but when i opened the box all of the wire terminals were pushed in to the point i could not access them. I pried them out and hoped for the best. Once i got it installed, it worked for 30 minutes then the sound began to cut in and out until there was no sound at all. The power light turned off and the amp seems to be dead. Would the pushed in terminals be the cause? I did not want to open it up because i did not want to rip the void warranty sticker, plus i would have no idea what i was looking for anyways. I contacted amazon and they are giving me a refund. My dilemma is should i go with the same amp just brand new? or purchase something else. was considering the nvx jad800.4. another question regarding the ds800.4, how do you fit the power wire into the terminal?!?! It requires a 4 ga, which i replaced my 8 with a 4, but what can i use to get it to fit? Every 4 ga fork terminal i have come across does not fit into the amp. Also what gauge ground should i be running, i had a 8 ga wire connected to it? Thanks in advance for any help
  10. On your phone, have you looked at the settings under music? i have had that problem before and I resolved it by turning the EQ and volume limit off hope that helps
  11. My new budget isn’t much, around 150 for a pair. And if I bridge the amp will I still be able to power 4 door speakers with the amp. I am a newb and confused on bridging
  12. I was thinking of selling the alpine amp, but that might be a good idea if I can hide the purchases from my wife lol
  13. They are the same price, amazon has the taramps for 139. The power output is similar on the 8704 at 4 ohms
  14. Appreciate the advice! I purchased 2 from diyma already, they will be here tomorrow 👍🏾