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  1. Garnell01

    Help with new system

    My new budget isn’t much, around 150 for a pair. And if I bridge the amp will I still be able to power 4 door speakers with the amp. I am a newb and confused on bridging
  2. Garnell01

    Help with new system

    I was thinking of selling the alpine amp, but that might be a good idea if I can hide the purchases from my wife lol
  3. Garnell01

    Help with new system

    They are the same price, amazon has the taramps for 139. The power output is similar on the 8704 at 4 ohms
  4. Garnell01

    Help with new system

    Appreciate the advice! I purchased 2 from diyma already, they will be here tomorrow 👍🏾
  5. Garnell01

    Help with new system

    Thank you for the feedback. just went out and measured, I have 7 inches from mount to door frame. Would this be enough room? I think I saw these were rated at 100w rms 4ohm, that taramp DS 800x4 should be enough to push it correct?
  6. Garnell01

    Help with new system

    Hello everyone, I have been browsing this site for a while and wanted to ask for suggestions on a system. I am in search of some 6.5s with good midbass. I will not be running sub so I want something that has a little bit of thump. At first, I was leaning towards Alpine s-s65c component speakers for the front with the matching coaxials for the rears. After searching I think I am leaning towards the SSA Evil 6.5. Does anybody have any feedback between the two? And if I run the Evils, should I buy the 4 ohm or 8 ohm speaker? Especially when it comes to midbass. Also, if I run the evils, what tweeters and crossover would you recommend for those speakers? I will also be upgrading my amp. I have narrowed the amp down to the pioneer 8604 or 8704, or the taramps ds 800x4. Any feedback on any of those? This will be going into a 05 Durango. I will mount the tweeters into the door panel or a pillar, not sure which is best at the moment. My current setup is: Pioneer AVH-2400NEX HU, Alpine MRV F300 amp, Phoenix Gold RX series 6.5 coaxials all the way around. Thanks in advance for any help