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  1. Hello all. I'm building a new system for my 2005 Silverado 1500 with a short cab. Just looking for some input. I've bought a new Pioneer AVH head unit. Also bought Kappa 62ix 6.5"s (75 RMS, 2.5 ohm impedance) for the doors and Pioneer TS-A462F 4"x6"s (30 RMS) for the rear pillars. Finally, I bought a TS-SWX2002 (150 RMS, 4 ohm stable) 8" Pioneer sub w/ enclosure. Reviews seemed good, price was right, and I'm not really looking to rattle windows anymore. So this leaves an amp. I was looking on Crutchfield (my go-to back in the mid-90s) and they have this little Infinity Primus 6004 amp. It says 60x4 at 4 ohms but also that its bridgable. What I want to do is use two channels to run the door speaks and bridge the other two to run my sub. Good idea? Bad idea? Suggestions?