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  1. Laoboi

    Advice!! Kenwood 6904S

    I appreciate the response. I sent the JL powered sub back to Crutchfield and I purchased Infinity Kappa 60 CSX for the front. I still have the 693's in the rear and the 6904S headunit. Which amp and sub would you recommend? Kicker 44KXA800?? I want a loud rich sound.. Bass is good, but not trying to disturb the peace unless I wish to do so.
  2. Laoboi

    Advice!! Kenwood 6904S

    I recently upgraded the sound system in my car and I'm not getting the sound I want. I thought the sound would be louder and richer. Not sure if I need to upgrade my speakers or add another subwoofer.. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Are my speakers under powered? I have the following in my car: Kenwood Excelon 6904S Kenwood KFC-1795PS - Front INFINITY KAPPA 693.11i 6 x 9" - Rear JL Audio ACS110LG-TW1 Thanks