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    Need help choosing a headunit

    Hey People who click on this, consider me a newbie to car audio but I’ve done some research for awhile before landing on these forums. I own a 2003 W211 Mercedes Eclass with the stock bose speaker, I’ve been using cds for awhile since I appreciate the higher quality they output then using a tape to aux. But it’s time for an upgrade. The speakers in the car consists of a component setup in the front (tweeter+woofer) with a speaker in the center of the dash providing a center channel. As well and another component setup in the the rear. The sub in the trunk is an 8” sub that decently performs (yes I understand this is still bose we’re talking about but I want to upgrade the head unit first). The trunk sub design utilizes the provided airspace in the trunk as a way to “maximize bass” as it is facing down from the roof of the trunk. Ontop of a headunit, I’ll be an amplifier to replace the existing one since this is a mosfet system and I’ll be updating it to “modern standards”. I hope to enjoy the best audio experience in my car whilst also keeping with the theme of it. So a double din would be the way I want to go, I’ve read on another forum that people criticize toys>sound reproduction so i felt this would be a great place to ask for assistance. headunit requirements: bluetooth isnt required as I’ll be using (a possibly) provided usb out on the headunit to connct my phone to it to get the best possible sound from a phone, as well as play flac off a usb drive. apple carplay would be nice but anything you guys recommend will probably work great with or without it. amplifier requirements Im new to amplifiers so any help about it, as if I should run some speakers off the headunit or the amplifier. Any Help is appreciated and respected. Additional Information I felt might be needed: the music I listen is all to say the least: from David Bowie, to Gojira, to prog rockers like Yes and Dream Theater, as well as hip hop and electronic. Cd is also not a requirement