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  1. Hi: Loving my 08 mercury grand marquis with its giant trunk. I improved the factory rear deck 6x8 pair to kenwood coaxials but would like to put a monoblock amp and woofer in center of the deck where a hole already exists for factory sub system not ordered for this car. Should I get a free air type driver and hang it there out in the open or get a furry box with the driver inside and a port maybe and mount that on the platform just under the hole? Finding an original factory device with chamber and driver and amp all integrated together would be nice but not sure how realistic that would be. Car does not seem to have the harness such a thing would want. I would have to custom wire my own system anyway. Just asking for people's input who might have gone down these roads in a crown vic or town car which are identical. Attached pic is with old FoMoCo whizzer cone foam surrounds now gone. Thank you.