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  1. That's the route i will take. I can get a 200amp alternator off a Police Interceptor and it will work (you think that would be sufficient with my batteries? The one i have now is 130amp.
  2. I really wish my rear seat would fold down. I did end up cutting some of the rear deck out around the speaker holes and factory sub hole. It helped some
  3. Yea most definitely. I have more Money in the Deka Intimidator AGM Battery and Power Sonic 55ah AGM than i do the actual system lol, so yea im definitely thinking bigger. Making sure everything is done to accommodate it. Think im going to go with 2 SA-12's we talked about in a couple months. Will have to build a new box and get another amp. This the battery under the hood and battery i put in the trunk
  4. Finished deadening the doors today and sealing the huge whole in the door with sheet metal. Turned out good. Also purchased a better 4 channel amp. Think I may build a new amp rack/battery holder.
  5. Thank you. Still need to manage the wire in the trunk where it connects the battery. I may build another amp rack. The box did turn out really good just using a skill saw and router
  6. Had the windows tinted finally. Added a Deka Intimidator AGM under the hood. Also set of component speakers up front with a 4 channel amp. Thinking about getting the Morel Maximo 6 and replacing the Rockfords I have.
  7. I actually did an install today using R165-S Rockford component speakers using an old Jensen Power760 4-channel. I'm getting an auditable hiss coming from my tweeters. I also used my phone with rca cable to the amp with the same result. the hiss gets lounder when raising the gain. If I turn the hu up it gets louder also. I have all my power wires ran on the opposite side of the car. I was reading all amps have a noise floor. My mid bass also has a very very slight hiss. I'm interested if you get this solved
  8. Thanks, so its best to set it to +10 then
  9. I have been researching Pioneer Head Units. I've came across several Post about Owners saying they wasn't receiving the full 4volts of RCA power unless they turned the Subwoofer Level to +10. Is anyone aware of this or know if its true?
  10. Yea i was researching it today and seen it. Hopefully it will be here Monday
  11. Thanks for the info. I took it and purchased a AVH-2330NEX
  12. So i purchased the PAC LD-10 a couple weeks back because i have a cheap Headunit with 2v RCA outs. I was unable to get the Pac working Correctly. I Tried 75% gain on the Pac which it does fine, but once i turn the gain up on my amp past 1/4 the speakers go crazy (like some kind of feedback). Tried turning the gain down on the Pac and raising it on the amp and the same spot it happens every time. I dont have the funds right now to buy a good double din head unit. So im looking at a different option. My budget is around 50$. Ive been looking at EQ's with line drivers. I really want to stay away from individual gain pots. I found this one (i know the brand sucks) https://www.rockvilleaudio.com/r7eq/ https://www.amazon.com/Massive-Audio-EQ-7X-Equalizer-Graphic/dp/B00852WCR4/ref=sr_1_10?keywords=equalizer+car&qid=1557775118&s=gateway&sr=8-10 was also considering this but it has individual pots https://www.sonicelectronix.com/item_46587_NVX-XEQ7-Graphic-Equalizer-Equivalent-to-Clarion-EQS755.html Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated
  13. Right. I purchased the head unit when i go the car a couple months ago and didn't know much about car audio, etc.
  14. My hu only has 2v output. It's a cheap pioneer double din. The outputs sound great. I was just trying to boost the volts. With the pac hooked up it sounds like its traveling down a long hallway (if that makes sense) I may try and get the Dayton dsp
  15. Almost finished up the amp rack. Really thinking about cutting some of the rear deck out to let more bass into the cabin