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  1. Hi all, I own a Ford Fiesta Titanium 1.0 Ecoboost 2017 with the B&O play included. The current speakers are 2x 25mm Tweeters (Dashboard), 1x 63mm Midrange Driver (Dashboard), 2x 160mm Woofer (Front door) and 2x 25mm Tweeter/160mm Woofer (Back Doors) My car doesn't include the subwoofer. The front passenger side woofer has blown, the bass is perfect, but the more midrange frequencies it rattles and distorts really badly to a point it is ruining the listening experience. I would like to find some good front door woofer replacements, I am just confused as to which would be the most suitable for my setup, as I've looked online and I see Mid-range or Full-range speakers, but nothing for front door 'woofers'? As the car has a dedicated mid-range speaker on the dashboard (which is very powerful I have to add) I think the front door speakers are meant to handle the lower frequencies rather than more mid-range Also, I cannot seem to find detailed specs of the B&O factory speakers, things like the frequency range or wattage (RMS, continuous etc.) so that is also contributing to the confusion of purchasing aftermarket speakers. I did originally call Ford directly for replacement speakers but their prices are abysmal so I told them to shove it and would rather get a decent pair. Also in the near future, I would be looking at replacing the back door woofers as they are a bit crappy in my opinion Any assistance / advice would be greatly appreciated, if you need any more information, please let me know.