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  1. Steve McCarthy

    Sub very quiet help!!

    Anyone? Lol
  2. Steve McCarthy

    Sub very quiet help!!

    Hu is a jvc kw-m24bt There is a volume control and it's all the way up. Thanks for the reply
  3. Okay, so I had this same sub/amp set up in a different vehicle and it worked great. The only new part is my head unit, which only came with one sub output, so i bought a splitter so I could plug in both cra cables going to my amp. The sub works, but is very quiet no matter what I try. I dont have a control knob with this amp so I set my sub settings as loud as I can through the head unit. I know next to nothing about car audio all I know is it worked before. Took a pic of the back of the amp idk if I did something wrong there? Bass is set all the way up on amp, it's on low pass The sub hits at the right time.. and sounds right.. it's just super quiet. Can barely even tell it's on Eq is on pop or whatever on the deck, if I turn that off it's even worse. Any ideas? I'd really like to have some bass back