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  1. It is the internet. When anyone post something that is normally against the grain, regardless of being true, it is discredited by the masses. So it is rather standard to see the various responses overall. Was a bit shocked it wasn't more negative, guess this forum is not what it used to be.
  2. It is factual in its entirety. Of course the internet never fails with its troll posts or taking what is said and twisting to be something other than originally intended. Which is fine. I have been in this industry since the 90s doing a wide range of various work from owning a shop, to split records, to working in manufacturing in r&d and much more. The end results are never what the general public think or want others to believe because it is what they were taught. All the while behind the scenes several know the truth yet never speak as these are the results you get. Just like t/s specs I personally know of 3 companies that either have no clue or rely on a 3rd party to get them. Which I always laughed at being they are designing drivers yet have no clue what they are doing in the end. They just know a+b can get loud or sound good...but no idea why or how. Regardless, most here will laugh and swipe it under the rug as hyperbole or trolling. To each their own, some times being blind is honestly better in some cases I guess.
  3. While I understand this concept is outside of your general way of thinking the fast answer is yes. There is inherently a large cushion for enclosed volumes, port area, and tuning is relevant to the desired reproduction and vehicle. This applies to every day sound systems, and yes they can get rather loud. More often these systems work better with general enclosure specs than they do when some designers and builders try to do what is closer to manufacturing specs. Being from that area of this industry I can assure you most companies have no clue what their drivers want at all. Not in a daily, sq, or spl. However, spl builds are a different take on audio entirely. Before you discuss it, build one then we can talk further as you will understand that conversation in better detail.
  4. Drivers play a large part in your enclosure design. However, the idea that most talk about is not exactly true nor does it work. Here is the real answers that need to be had first. 1. Goals of the system. 2. If music will be played be honest about the types and the range that the subs will need to play. 3. What subs and power play a role, but to a lower extent than what any designer will tell you for a wide range of reasons. Truth is the "fudge" room in enclosure design is massive and there plenty of "standards" for design that work with a wide range of drivers just fine. Can you improve the performance if you design for a specific sub? Yes, but not by the amounts that people discuss on any forum or facebook group.