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  1. For sure more efficient. That's what I'll go with, plus you can have fun with design and paint it for accent or whatever.
  2. Mikey T

    Need help chosing a SQ woofer

    Yeah the case is out of the price range due to the budget. $250 is where I really need to be.
  3. Mikey T

    Anyone use the new Sony head unit MEX-GS820 BT?

    You're right I'll be amping it up using a NVX JAD1100.5
  4. Yeah, the groundshaker thing was just something I saw, that's all.
  5. Sorry about the bad typing, all thumbs on the phone you know. I love that box ... she's purty
  6. Lol ....for women. The Groundshaker thing was just something I saw while looking at stuff, I'll most likely build one. O was just reading see articles about porting and was wondering about differences and if people have seen better results going one way or the other. I was just throwing a few things out there for discussion purposes to see what feedback was out here and to have fun seeing what people's opinions, experiences, and ideas are.
  7. If the speaker sits in the center for asthetics the port will be off to the left or the right of it. So as you look at it you'll see the speak and the hole for the port, does that help?
  8. Mikey T

    Are Groundshaker boxes any good?

    Yeah, sorry it's for a 2001 Toyota 4runner
  9. I've only ever built or bought a box with an Aero port. Since I've been looking at installing a new system I thought might try something new and go with a slotted port. I'm not sure what the advantages or disadvantages of using the slot port are. I've only "heard" they are a more "boomy" in their exhaust of air hence creating more spl? I know I'm probably wrong, but that's okay, that's why I am asking this question. Not sure of the benefit or if there is one, I'm sure there has to be or why not just keep using traditional aero ports, right? I do understand turbulence, port noise, friction, so those things we'll say aren't factored in-maybe they're not, I don't know. I'm not talking about a 4th or 6th order box, just a normal box with a slot port in it. I'm sure there is some debate about this and I'd like to see what's out there about this topic. This is all to help me build/buy a new box. Not sure what variables all go into the decision between the two or if the actual speaker is part of that. Let's say if need be for example sake without manufacturer preference, you have a quality 12" subwoofer that isn't really biased between spl or sq, a $250 dollar offering, you have the space for the box and it will be rear firing in a suv, that's all the information you get on this one. Have fun with it, I'm looking forward to seeing this debate/discussion.
  10. Mikey T

    Which amp for Image Dynamics

    I've got an IDQ 10" and only giving it 460rms at 2ohms; I would recommend this one vs. the entry level. It's in a Camaro firing up at the back glass like a hatch back and it really does a number. I recommend getting the IDQ series, it's very musical and does thump pretty good and will take all that those amps can give. If you go on their website they've got the specs all listed there for each speaker. If I remember correctly it was a little awkward to find but it'll have everything you need and more. They give you 3 different scenarios of box sizes based on what you want out of the speaker. I called them, asked for the tech department, and the guy went over each box sizing, what it meant and how to "tweak" it to get the best out of it. I went with the largest ported volume to accomplish my goal. Also he unofficially told me what they could really take if I "happened" to overpower them. As you can see by my numbers I haven't, but that's only as of today....tomorrow may change things. If you're going with the pair get the IDQ's and use the Kicker at 2ohms.
  11. Mikey T

    Anyone use the new Sony head unit MEX-GS820 BT?

    Just looked at this one and it looks awesome!!! Thanks for the recommendation. I believe I will be going with this one instead.
  12. My budget for one is $250 and I've been looking at several. This one has a ton of features and has a 5v out signal to match my amp. Has anyone used it or are there others I should consider? I'm using a 5 channel amp for power not the head unit even though is has 45watts rms because I never put much faith in a radio's ability to make clean power.
  13. I've come across them by accident and they seem to look good and by their specs they would work with some of the subwoofers looking at chosing bit I don't know how they perform. Has anyone used the with good results?
  14. Mikey T

    Need help chosing a SQ woofer

    Yeah, I'll message you with the choices leaning towards.
  15. Mikey T

    Anyone use CDT sounds?

    Ok I will.