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  1. I have also connected my car audio to my second battery in the trunk, I have grounded directly to the battery not the chassis, is that ok. And secondly I have also tried to play music via bluetooth directly to the amp with no head unit still the problem persists. Do I have a ground problem.
  2. I am using new RCA and a new head unit that is 5V but the problem still persists, I’m not sure what you mean by LOC. I’m not sure what is that.
  3. Dear All Music lacks dynamics or punch. My car audio is sounding very Poor at high volume what am I doing something wrong? I have installed JBL GTR 104 4 channel and JBL GTR 1001 Monoblock, before both amplifiers used to perform very nicely but now they both performing very poorly I have tried to change the power cables with Kicker cables and even tried to change the battery. The music is not as loud and clear as it used to be, even the Monoblock is sounding terrible. Please Help.