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  1. Keith Longpre

    Help me choose my setup!

    So I should just say f**k the installers and attempt to install myself?
  2. Keith Longpre

    Help me choose my setup!

    Ideally if I can get a full setup for around $3000CAD that is great quality all around I would consider doing the install myself... I'm confident in installing everything except for the wiring .
  3. Keith Longpre

    Help me choose my setup!

    I should also note those prices are Canadian as I am in Ontario.
  4. Keith Longpre

    Help me choose my setup!

    I drive a 2015 Subaru Crosstrek, the budget I was aiming for was between $3000-$4000(including an install) but there is room for a little play if the deal is right. I'm not looking for extensive bass but would still like to feel the vibrations in the music. I'm looking for compact as I still want some space in my hatch (father of 4 kids). I want something loud so I can sing along to the music but not have to go through the pain of hearing my own voice lol.
  5. Keith Longpre

    Help me choose my setup!

    So I have two different installers trying to sell me on two different set ups. Music is important to me but I'm not looking to have the best system. I do enjoy bass in my music as well as clarity in vocals. Here are the two setups being offer, there is a $1000 difference between the two options please tell me what you think is the best route to go... Kenwood DDX-6906S Headunit Audison SR5. Amp Audison Prima/Voce. Speakers Alpine type S. 10inch Subwoofer 3M Speaker foam deadening $4400 Or PC165 focal speakers all around JBL CP110 sub Kenwood XR901-5 Amplifier Kenwood DDX-6906S Headunit $3400