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  1. Reio Rada

    Looking for a good 1-DIN receiver

    Thanks everyone on the input! Called Pioneer just now. The guy gave some small hope that there's a chance that we get a successor for the 80PRS for next year. Let's see how this goes and how long I want to wait.. Thank you!
  2. Reio Rada

    Looking for a good 1-DIN receiver

    Thank you! Really! Now I need to check, if I have any more room in the car to put them. Z3 is not a specifically big car. I have kept the interior stock. One thing I also figured out. I probably have only a week to drive this car, by the end of the summer. Maybe there's something better to wait for?
  3. Reio Rada

    Looking for a good 1-DIN receiver

    So, still in 2019, this is the way? Even with Bluetooth? I'm using Bluetooth 99% of the time I listen to music. Thanks!
  4. Reio Rada

    Looking for a good 1-DIN receiver

    Super! But now you got me thinking. I've never thought about going further with the sound, but now I'm curious. I need to check the components exactly. But anyway, I need a new deck. The old one just doesn't fit the dash.
  5. Reio Rada

    Looking for a good 1-DIN receiver

    Hey! I need to upgrade my head unit, but I can't decide which one to choose. There are just too many and to be honest, all the tests I've read are just BS. Maybe you can help. It should be a Pioneer unit. I just get them with a reasonable price. 1-DIN, Bluetooth, and a good sound. Everything else, I'm willing to compromise. The car is a BMW Z3, which at the moment has four or six tweeters, two of them are some Hertzs with the filter, the other originals. 2x mid-range Hertzs and Audison APS 8 D behind an AP 1 D. I'm sorry I don't know more exactly at the moment. The head unit is Pioneer MVH-8200BT. I understand there is no match for the 80PRS and it would be cool to try the automatic equalizer, but is it worth the price? No FLAC is making me have second thoughts. Or would X580BT/DAB be enough? Or something in between? I can read all about the fancy stuff they put in, but what about the sound? Thank you!