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  1. Hello everyone, I once posted here already asking for advice, but over time my plans have changed. I am going to dramatically upgrade my M3 E36 coupe, thus I have some questions towards the technical issues. First of all, I want to keep my stock head unit for the OEM look inside. This obviously means that there will be no connection between my old HU and new DLS system( http://www.dls.se/en/car/prod.html?produkt=en_71 + http://www.dls.se/en/car/prod.html?produkt=en_1153 ). What I came up with is to put DSP in between the HU and amplifiers, so my HU will still be working normally, DSP will enhance the signal and push it to an amplifier, which will distribute it among the 8 speakers. Thus, the question is, will this scheme work out? Are there some extra steps that I did not consider? And what DSP will be sufficient to be a bridge between the old HU and new amp? Thank you!
  2. Also which pioneer amp will be better for this set up, 8604 or 8704?
  3. Thanks for a reply Jeff. I decided to miss out on subwoofer to save some space in such a small car, compensating this with a decent set of composites. I will consider getting two amps instead of one, probably i will choose a cheaper option as my budget is not so flexible. The tweeters i was planning to put from the set that comes with composite speakers and crossovers, heres the link (sorry its in estonian) https://www.audiocity.ee/autode-helitehnika/autokolarid/german-maestro-cs-5008.html Could you tell me more about the dsp you wrote about? I am lacking knowledge in this field, thus I don't understand how audio system will work in general if it is not connected to HU. Also as far as i am concerned, the BT music streaming always lacks quality and has other issues.
  4. Hello everyone! I am planning to install german-maestro concept line speakers in my e36 m3 coupe. I have to put a tweeter with 4" speaker into my door, 5.25 speaker in the leg area and 6" or 6x9 (with adapter) behind. I plan to put coaxials behind and composites in front, but i have more questions than answers regarding my project. I will put them below and i hope you could help me. 1. Should i really put all composites in front and a coaxial behind? Other option is to put another coaxial into 4" or 5.25 slot. Composite behind is also an option. 2. Is it better to put 6" speaker behind or 6x9 with adapter? Does the adapter somehow decrease sound quality? 3. What kind of amplifier should i put? I was searching a lot, but cant really decide what is the best option for this set up. ALPINE MRV-F300 seems to suit my needs. 4. Main idea of my m3 restoration is to keep everything stock looking, therefore i would like to upgrade my head unit with CD43, which is 20 years old. It does not have outputs for a new amplifer, thus is it possible to somehow connect it? Will my sound quality degrade because of it? Thank you! Edit: Added a scheme of speakers' layout (current fit for rear speakers is 6", 6x9 can be installed with adapter)