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  1. Oh yeah, that's why I posted this lol. I have a few weeks to really dig in before my sound treatment is done. I promise I am not a dumb guy lol, but I am having a time getting this stuff together. Seems like every choice brings 3 others. I will look at your material today in my free time and then come back if I have any more questions.
  2. If anyone has seen my sound treatment thread slowly coming along I am putting the rest of the build together and need some advice. This is my first system and have a lot of knowledge gaps. Going for SQ over SPL. First thing I did was swap to a new head unit. Kenwood DDX9705s. Currently have it powering stock speakers. Front, tweets, rear. I bought this head unit because it has time alignment, crossovers, etc. If I buy some decent woofers and tweets can I use these features to make a low level "active" type setup? If I get an amp for the front stage then I will no longer be able to use these because they are preamp right? The HU states 22w RMS/ 50 max. This is total output? So right now my 4 channels are each getting about 5w? If this is the case it yould be nice to get a front stage amp and some decent speakers but I don't want to not be able to use my time alignment and crossovers. Sub has been picked but not bought yet. Dayton RSS315HO-44. 700w 12". Comments? Suggestions?
  3. I was gonna use CCF as a decoupler. http://www.raamaudio.com/ensolite-iuo-peel-and-stick-14-sq-ft-per-running-yard-3-per-pack-of-bxt-ii-recommended-absolutely-the-best-foam-on-the-market/ And then denim batting insulation in the void spaces. My plan for the floor is deadening, then this. https://www.homedepot.com/p/UltraTouch-48-in-x-24-ft-Radiant-Barrier-with-Recycled-Cotton-30000-11424/100661257 Then the MLV. May do the same for the doors.
  4. Got it. I thought you meant trunk lid. I will focus heavily on the deck. My trunk barely pops. Can't add too much more weight... The denim might push it. I don't think I can adjust these rods....
  5. Thanks Jeff. I put that one piece on the deck and then realized that I can put the deadening on top where it will be covered by the trim. I will be pullung the entire interior out in the next phase so the deck will be done then. I don't remember seeing the rods in the trunk you were talking about. There are some parts that will have to be filled when I get the Closed Cell Foam. I will probably be buying the CCF, MLV, and insulation in the next few days. Gotta make sure bills are good first.
  6. Back doors and back of seats done today. Anyone know what the black piece is for in the second pic? My guess is just stabilization of the plastic.
  7. Got the driver door, passenger door, trunk lid, rear quarter panels, and trunk done. Pics.
  8. Starting the first phase today. Deadener and basic door treatment. Pics of the deadening at the end of the day. Question for now. My speakers are riveted in. I am confident I can take them out... But what do I replace the rivets with? I can't get my hand back there for a screw and nut... I bought some foam and would love to get it back there behing the speaker. Plus, a lot of bare metal is back there asking to be deadened.
  9. I am about to pull my haur out. No one sells Fiberglass ceiling tiles. Apparently they just magically appear. The inly place I can find them is at Lowes in a 16 pack for 100 bucks. I need 3... Might just have to skip that step for my own health. I have literally been to 6 building material contractors today. Edit/Update: Found some at the 3rd Lowe's I tried. They even gave them to me for free. I could have kissed that dude I was so relieved.
  10. I didn't ask a question. It is a build log. "Car Audio Build Logs Post details, pictures and get feedback of your car audio installation, from start to finish. Also get tips and assistance along the way." I am sure I will have questions at some point though.
  11. KHA's accord thread was what got me started. I spoke with him personally and got some more info a few weeks ago.
  12. After a successful first venture into car audio with the install of my Kenwood DDX9705s head unit, my tinkering gland is tingling. Time to do some sound treatment. My door panels rattled like a children's toy even with the stock head unit. Oddly enough, after playing with the EQ and setting it up a little better the rattles have improved.... Until I wanna jam out. Goals: Eliminate plastic rattles Lower road noise to an acceptable level so I do no HAVE to turn the music up loud to enjoy it on the interstate. Not Goals: Competition level sound treatment I am a lover of good music but am not an audiophile. I do not have the ear for perfect sound and frankly don't want one. I took the time today to do some recon. Figured out how much space I have to work and did some measuring Pic below ^^^ Passenger door panel ^^^ Door panel off ^^^ My available openings ^^^ Hole in the water barrier right over the woofer ^^^ Inside of the door panel. Unfortunately, there were not many obvious moving pieces where I thought the main rattle was.... It will be a hunt! I am ordering some deadener today. I will be using Noico. Probably 72sqft to start. That will be more than enough for the doors and trunk then I can see how much I need to order for the floor and possibly roof in phase 2.
  13. The quote for the HU was 200 for labor by itself. I am about to start a build thread for the deadener. Stay tuned!
  14. It really was. I was surprised how plug and play everything was. Next is gonna be sound deadening. I am ordering ~70sqft of deadener today. As much as I want the sub soon, I need to treat this tin can at least a little before I put it in.
  15. I was so excited to play with it I forgot the golden rule: pics or it didn't happen! This was after about and hour of testing features befor I put the rest of the trim on. The mounting bracket face matches the other gloss black pieces very nicely. I was impressed. The odd shaped mounting bracket face looks alright. I wish there were options to have a bigger screen instead of the chunky mounting but beggers/choosers. Check out all those fingerprints. I will have to carry a cleaning cloth for this bad boy. Even after cleaning it can be dificult to see in direct sunlight. The display is pretty crisp and clear when in the shade or ing thr dark but glare is a big issue not easily solved by the mech tilt features. There is a viewing angle feature too that changes the contrast but that is more for if the HU is above a normal line of sight whereas my little car would need adjustments for below. Here are some shots I took as I pulled into work. Not the best pics cause I had to use flash. The sound improvement is drastic compared to the stock HU. I just messed with the EQ for about an hour and did what I thought sounded good for the time being. I can hear some things I would like to tweak and definitely need to incorporate a sub soon. If anh lf you recall, my journey started because I wanted a quieter ride. I wanted to not have to turn the music up loud to hear it clearly. I am around loud things at work and try to limit my exposure to damaging sounds. But I love music. It seems like I don't need to turn the volume up as loud to get clear, "powerful" sound. With the decent EQ, I feel that I am well below the percieved volume of the old unit when I turn it up loud enough to compensate for road noise. Just an observation. I will still be deadening and sound absorbing but I may take a little less aggressive apporach as I am not going to compete. Just want a good ride. If anyone is curious about the features or has any questions let me know!