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  1. Stumann666

    Simple head unit

    Here's a page of the manual confirming what I thought.
  2. Stumann666

    Simple head unit

    Well, I tried what Mooncatt suggested. I downloaded some sine wave tones, 40hz, 150hz, 500hz, 1000hz, 3500hz,5000hz. I put them on a USB drive and went down to the car to try what was suggested. I downloaded the app DB Meter Pro for my I-phone. To my dismay, I was correct: the EQ is adjustable for each source, not a global setting. Back to the first question, any simpler headunits out there?
  3. Stumann666

    Simple head unit

    Good idea about the test tones setup. I remember using white noise years ago for our home unit. Part of the issue is that I'm 66 years old, most of the music I like was not mastered with today's technology. It's hard to play an old Buddy Holly song next to a Coldplay song and expect the same quality of EQ. You might be right about the Volume level being the only thing source dependent. But I do notice and difference in EQ from a CD compared to Pandora compared to FM.
  4. Stumann666

    Simple head unit

    Are there any head units that aren't so complicated? I liked the ones that you could reach over while driving down the road and with a few simple steps, you could adjust bass, mid range, and treble. Since no two songs are recorded the same, most songs could use a little tweaking now and then. This new JVC I bought is nice, but it's just ridiculous the steps you have to go through to make any minor adjustments Then those adjustments only apply to the source (FM, CD, BT, Pandora, etc.) you are listening to at the time. Each source has it's own set of adjustments independant of the other sources. It's overkill!!!
  5. Stumann666

    JVC Head unit flashes with the music

    Nope, the first thing I did.
  6. Stumann666

    JVC Head unit flashes with the music

    Here's a short video showing exactly what I'm talking about. I've also attached the manual I downloaded from JVC. Maybe someone can see what I'm missing. IMG_0719.mpg JVC KD-T700BT.pdf
  7. I just bought a new head unit, a JVD KD-T700BT. The display flashes with the music and I can't figure out how to stop it. I even downloaded the more complete manual for JVC, but I can't find the info I'm looking for. I want it to be a steady light. What am I missing?