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  1. What size fuse for alt to battery? 360 amp alt at 1800 rpm (can hit 375 amps) Wire rated at 375 at 20ft. Probably could handle 400 amp at its current length. i would need a 375 amp fuse or would it blow from the alternator exceeding that?
  2. 350 amp alt Stock underhood battery 70 ah limitless lithium ————— 1) will my alt somehow damage my bat or itself while just hooked up to the underhood bat? 2) if I run the two batteries together will the underhood bat charge the lithium bat at the same rate the alt is charging the main bat or will the main underhood battery charge the lithium battery at its own discharge rate? 3) anything wrong with the attached image? 4) should I delete the underhood bat?
  3. I accidentally touched the pos term on my bat with 1/0 wire for a split second. ( battery of course was grounded) (I tossed the wire like a retard) sparks flew momentarily and the end of the wire was soldered. is my battery okay? are my grounds okay? what is affected because of this?