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  1. Lately my speakers will just go silent in my car. I can drive all the way to school without it happening one day and another day it will happen 20 minutes into my drive. Its not the head unit because the song still shows as playing. I’ve tried bluetuth, aux, and USB inputs and they all do it. I updated the firmware on the headunit and it didnt fix it. I drove this car almost a year without this problem. The only thing that has changed is I switched from a samsung to and iphone but it didnt start happening until a week after that. I’d like to stress the point that the speakers work sometimes and cut out completely other times, so dont tell me to check fuses. Resetting my phone and the headunit doesnt help. Only works again if my car is off for a while. -My specs- head unit: JVC kw-r910bt speakers: 6 months old but i forget the brand. If its important ill check. i also have 2 16’ kenwood subs. The amp is pretty old and all the wiring for it was already done when I bought the car. Car: 2003 subaru wrx