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  1. Do you mean a different location for amp and LC2i? And the RMS power is 160W I believe, at 2 ohms
  2. I'll have to look into that. I don't have a knob for my sub; Just the on board Head Unit EQ. Is it possible it could by my ground in my trunk has a different potential than my head unit's ground?
  3. Hey, all I recently just installed an Alpine type S 12" sub in my 2013 Ford Police Interceptor. While I'm driving, the sub randomly spikes up in volume, and then does back down again. There's no coherent pattern that would link it to acceleration or braking. Some context: Ive got a Clarion XH5210 2 channel Amp with a max output of 340W. The amp's remote wire is spliced off of my accessory 1 wire from my ignition switch, as I have a stock head unit. I also have an LC2i, which receives input from my rear speakers, and then through RCA, connects to my amp. Both are off the same power cable ran from the battery, and off the same ground which I have screwed into the metal frame in my trunk. All my wiring is 14 gauge speaker wire (except power and ground of course). If anyone has ran into similar issues, help would be much appreciated! - Jon