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  1. Cflood40237

    Subwoofer install

    Lol. And thats why i went with a sealed. I dont know enough about ported. If i can figure it out i may change it up later.
  2. Cflood40237

    Subwoofer install

    I do not know much about boxes. I figured i couldnt go wrong with an enclosed box vs ported. Ported have to be tuned for the subs you use and i have no idea how to determine that. Thanks for the advice. Any thing is much appreciated.
  3. Cflood40237

    Subwoofer install

    It is a sealed enclosure with 1.2 cf of space. Its a dual box that is seperated side to side. If went with the type r i would eventually get 2 and upgrade the amp to match. But for now on a buget i have these options. The box i was gonna order as dual 12 box and use adapter rings to do the 10s or just do the 12. So i had the option.
  4. Cflood40237

    Subwoofer install

    I have a 2006 ram mega cab. I have a alpine mrv m500 and was wondering witch sub setup would be better to run. I have 2 swe 1043 e 10" class alpine or 1 swr1242d type r 12" alpine. The amp will push either. But im not sure if its better to go with more surface area or more power. Any help would be appreciated.