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  1. lmfao out of all that you concentrate on ONE sentence in the post.
  2. For the past well 6-8 weeks due to medical issues. Had some complications with the back surgery. I have a very rough history with MRSA, STAPH and have almost died from SEPSIS so was kinda freaked out when the top of the incision started to ooze some stuff that it shouldn't. So had to go in and have it drained a couple times, then a couple pockets of fluid also showed up. Thankfully just the draining and basic antibiotics this time kept it all ok because last thing I want is spending another month in the hospital. I think all told since Nov 2010 I have spent a total time of at least 9 months probably closer to 10.5 months from all the medical issues. Plus I had right knee surgery on June 14th so I am recovering from that as well. Haven't spent any time at the computer nor driving. I still have to sound deaden the doors, completely setup the 80PRS I put in, along with a couple other minor things. Anything interesting happen lately or just the usual stuff?
  3. Kenwood 's are known to be very buggy in the double din market, go with a Pioneer. Has all the stuff you are looking for plus they don't have issues like Kenwood and they can go active on the crossover networks and with the new ones as Jeff has pointed out with the new app for them you can now use a 31 eq setup with it.
  4. "They came from a scoshe 4 gauge amp wiring kit" Junk that kit and get yourself a real set of rca's, OFC power and ground wire as well if you are using it's power/ground wire in the install. That kit is nothing but walmart junk. Never go cheap on that stuff it will always hurt you in the long run.
  5. I have had a migraine for the past 3.5 days, reading that long ass garbage of a post will just make it ten times worse!
  6. Just wire the 2 speakers in the RV to the front left and front right and cap each of the rear speaker wires by themselves coming from the head unit. There done and very simple.
  7. Remember to look at pioneer's website as there is a firmware update out from march for that unit.
  8. Not sure but this was posted on pioneer's website about waze. Doesn't tell you how to remove it but it does give you a number to call so maybe they can help you remove it without having to do a factory reset. https://www.pioneerelectronics.com/PUSA/Car/NEX/Discontinuance+of+Waze+in+AppRadio+Mode
  9. From what I see on that harness there is negative speaker wiring in the harness. The white with black, the purple with black, the green with black and the grey with black are all negative speaker wires on just about every vehicle out there. And that harness is the correct one so sounds like it is possibly not wired correctly.
  10. Out shopping right now but to me it sounds like the harness might be wrong. But without checking what the one you got looks like it is kinda hard to tell. Hopefully someone else pops in otherwise I'll try to look when I get home in 2 to 3 hours
  11. Wait a second...did you cut the existing Ford stock harness and then try to wire it up to the harness on the new head unit? If so then that is your problem always buy the vehicles wiring harness for yours it is, and if you have an amplified vehicle which both sites show that it does https://www.sonicelectronix.com/item_60544_Axxess-XSVI-5521-NAV.html https://www.crutchfield.com/p_541RP4FD11/PAC-RP4-FD11-Wiring-Interface.html If you had gone through crutchfield you could have added all the accessories you needed for an extra 145 dollars as that kit is expensive as I stated below. If you are going to try install without that dash kit, idk if it is going to work. And a dash kit that is very expensive at 169.00 dollars on both sonicelectronix and crutchfield along with an antenna adapter also. https://www.sonicelectronix.com/item_4428_Scosche-CRAB-CRA.html Good luck with it!
  12. As stated in other thread...use a computer to send/access private messages. No one knows why it is screwed up via phones and admins were contacted but no responses
  13. private messaging isn't working through the phone lately. many people are having issues you need to use a computer to access or start a new pm with the computer as their cloud has been corrupting pm's sent through the phone as well and no admin has responded to inquiries about it
  14. No don't do it that is what distribution blocks are made for and they come with their own fuses as well. You can buy those with 2 100 amp fuses for around 10-15 bucks on amazon or eBay. Doing 2 wires is one of the worst redneck things you can do. Do it right the 1st time with the right equipment instead of doing things half-assed.