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  1. Right now on eBay there is 2 Buy it now auctions for the DEH-80PRS that are factory refurbished for 199.99. Bought one last night at that price, even if I don't use it right away I will have it in a month or two when I swap out the front speakers on mine. Both auctions have 2 left for sale in case anyone is looking for one. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Pioneer-DEH-80PRS-CD-receiver-Refurbished/303115988753?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l9372 https://www.ebay.com/itm/Refurbished-Pioneer-DEH-80PRS-CD-receiver/223470022023?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2649
  2. Coolhand20th

    What annoys the ***** outta you/pisses you off...

    Ugh don't get me going on that with all the b*llsh*t I have been through in my life. I could tell you stories for hours and the stuff I have had to go through to get treatment or medications.
  3. Coolhand20th

    What annoys the ***** outta you/pisses you off...

    When I was really sick from MRSA infections they would put me on a 10 day dose of something called Zyvox, 20 pills was something like 5,000 dollars. Thankfully the insurance did a waiver for it each time so it only cost me 5 bucks. Drives me crazy with how expensive medical supplies and medicines are. Any other country they are a tenth of what they cost here. Right now iirc I am on something like 8-12 different medications each day. Yeah probably not that bad but if it still hurts like that Monday as I was a EMT I would at least go to a quick-care place to have them check it out at worse you get some toradol to help,lol.
  4. Coolhand20th

    What annoys the ***** outta you/pisses you off...

    There right now myself, I go in next thursday for surgery #95 and this one is on my L5/S1 lower back with a massive herniated disk with over a 1" protrusion pushing out onto my nerves causing the right side to go numb. Only thing that has gotten me through is the fact I've had 5 epidurals since July 2018. So I know exactly how you feel! I would definitely get it checked out I thought for 20 years mine was just aggravated muscles now and then or being out of shape as my pain would come and go every few months. Boy was I wrong once I finally got the MRI done. Definitely use some heat and take some ibuprofen
  5. Coolhand20th

    Random Picture Thread

    I would be to but yeah kinda hard after 94 surgeries and #95 next thursday. I was never any good at body work so I always sent that stuff to my friends uncle who wouldn't charge me squat yet he was one of the best south of chicago. Yeah rust absolutely stinks, especially on those G bodies on the bottom of the doors.
  6. Coolhand20th

    Random Picture Thread

    lol yeah my dad was a Machinist Foreman for Mobil Oil for close to 30 years and had a lot of addictions...cars, electronics, boating, computers, snowmobiling...basically anything expensive,lol. I got lucky learning all that stuff like you obviously did. I can't do any of the work anymore being disabled but I really want to do that if I end up with another one. Probably would just buy one of those that is turn key with everything attached except the fuel lines, cooling lines and trans.
  7. Coolhand20th

    Random Picture Thread

    When I was drag racing at Chicagoland Speedway as I lived 15 miles south of there in Wilmington, that engine was bumped up to around 480hp at the rear wheels per the dyno. One of the guys that my dad worked with at Mobil Oil also worked at a engine shop in Indiana that built Nascar engines so he had a hand in helping me build it and acquire parts. Granted I knew how to do it at 8 years old but he helped with the dialing in and setting it all up. When I sold it it was because I was moving to florida so I ripped everything out and sold it as a rolling car for 400 bucks. Sold the engine and what not to a friend who actually still has it although now it is up to over 500hp with a shot of nitrous as well for another 100 or so hp. But the block is on it's last legs as he is now at .60 over with it as I was only at .10. Plus I think he is running longer rods, not sure though. IF I ever get another one I am going to do it right with a 403 Olds with around the same 480hp w/ 4 speed automatic built to withstand 650hp+ along with 3:55 gears or something that will also work on the highway. Just want to do something different then the same old "go to a chevy small block in a G Body that everyone does!" 455 would just be too much on the car and too damn heavy the 400/403 works just right and setup right they can really make some monster torque like yours did and tons of hp to match it up. I'm betting it was higher then you think it was. But depends on cam/cylinder heads and all that jazz. I ran aluminum cylinder heads which really upped the hp especially at 2.02-1.60 ported and polished matched to the intake.
  8. Coolhand20th

    Random Picture Thread

    Big Cutlass fan myself. 1st car was a 1984 Cutlass Calais at 16 years old. 1st thing we did was rip out the 307 and throw in chevy 350 pushing around 425hp or so. I still wish I had that car to this day. Last year a 1984 Cutlass Calais came up for sale locally for 7,900 with only 39,000 original miles but this was a T-Top version with solid hard top behind it, solid black with the 442 wheels from factory as an option. Basically had everything but the 442 badge and the throw shifters they used on them. If I would have had the money that thing would have been coming home with me without a doubt! One day I will have another one..One day!
  9. Coolhand20th

    Anyone hear of MB Quatrz XC-1 216

    Instead of asking the same question on 3 old threads why not just send the guy a private message?
  10. Coolhand20th

    Need advise on budget 12s that can handle 500 rms eax

    Friend of mine has a newer Chevy Quad Cab and is wanting to add subs, told him to find a place that would do this with 2-4 8" or 2 10" subwoofers depending on how much room he has with the subs facing forward like it is in this pic. Told him this is the type of idea he would want to do in a custom box. He lives south of Chicago and said 2 shops tried to tell him "oh just face them up it won't make a difference in sound". He walked right out of both because even he knew it was a waste of time to even try to attempt it.
  11. Those rockford's are going to sound like garbage. They are the lower end of their speaker line. Also if you are going to run them off the stock head unit or any aftermarket head unit none of the speakers you choose will sound all that great unless you put at least some sort of amplifier to them. While sonicelectronix doesn't always have the best stuff around if you input your vehicle year, make and model they will tell you what speakers fit and where. And if you do decide to buy from them sometimes they will send you the harnesses you need or adapter plates but not always. Just from looking there for the heck of it I can see a lot better options then what you are looking at. And yes for the rear speakers they will fit and the fronts will fit as well. I would really look for better options if you can afford it as Jeff said you are not going to get bass from co-axial speaker in the setup you are using. Your best bet is decent speakers with a 4 channel amp and then a subwoofer with amp in the trunk if you can afford to. Do a little at a time that is what we all have to do with this stuff at least I have to that way you end up with better stuff down the road and you are happier with the end results instead of redoing it a couple times and wasting money. https://www.sonicelectronix.com/
  12. Coolhand20th

    Component Speakers

    Thanks guys I appreciate it!
  13. Coolhand20th

    Component Speakers

    God no, I would never run off of head unit power. 1st post has what I am running for an amp and what I have to work with for money. Not a fan of Kicker speakers anymore 20 years ago yeah no problem but now no way, just personal opinion is all.
  14. Coolhand20th

    Component Speakers

    What about this? Comes with the tweeter as well and doesn't have the crossovers with it allowing the 80PRS to do it's job https://www.ebay.com/itm/2-PRO-X6-4BM-6-5-Midrange-Speakers-2-Pro-TW120B-1-Super-Bullet-Tweeters-Bundle/183658901819?hash=item2ac2ec713b:g:fyYAAOSwl1RcT2yh edit: unfortunately the kenwood is having some issues lately with it. Sometimes it works great the next day it doesn't want to work. Checked all the connections and it has been in 3 different vehicles at this point so hence why I was looking at the Pioneer. or this and I will buy a separate set of tweeters for it. Also how does your PRV's sound? Saw a few of those as well in the 6.5 range for decent prices on a few sites. https://www.ebay.com/itm/CL-6E-CDT-AUDIO-CLASSIC-6-5-MID-BASS-4-OHM-LOUD-MIDRANGE-SPEAKERS-NEW-PAIR/121055925171?hash=item1c2f7ed3b3:g:ML0AAMXQ0pNQ~g3a:sc:FedExHomeDelivery!54112!US!-1
  15. Coolhand20th

    Component Speakers

    Sigh yeah I know but I need an upgrade from my old kenwood kdc-x998 so that was the next best option. Fith suggested dayton audio and separates tweeters but wanted to look elsewhere so I started looking at those component sets. I have heard the focals in a friends explorer and they sounded decent. I'm open to anything really on the speakers as I have to do something and keep it within my budget.