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  1. krisecks

    not enough bass

    yes that external minus the second 3/4 baffle on front so subs dont lossen the screws i plan on pulling them today running them at around .8 ohms at amp running th t1 6000.1 d trantula amp to them also they hit real loud but when they get down in lows around 24-33 hrtz its like an earthquake but sounds like the subs gurgle a lil and box wants to leave truck lol thanks
  2. I have 2 soundstream t5 15s in a ported box the box is not big enough for ported demensions are as follows wedge box behinde my back seat in my tundra crewmax limited space hieght is 24in width 48in top depth is 8.5in botom depth is 10in 3 ports center top 4in diamiter and 18in long each the subs are facing forward behind the seatif im correct i have 4.25 cubic foot box should i just remove posts and seal? suposedly optimal sealed is 2 cubic each .