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  1. Problem is i can find out about front speakers sound quallity only after they are installed and that will cost me more than 350$. They are 2 ohms too. Sound from my front speakers is somehow distorted now,not clear after i put aftermarket sub. They sound like they are not strong enough. But they are oem and they worked before sub installation just fine
  2. I dont know what is loc. Sorry. I was also going to change front component speakers tommorow but without adding aftermarket amp to them. I just read one post where people are saying adding speakers without amp will make sound worse. True? Speakers are infinity Kappa
  3. Hi all! Im new here and dont understand much about car stereo installation. I own Honda Accord Touring which comes with premium sound , factory amp (450w) and subwoofer . Recently i had professionaly installed aftermarket sub with aftermarket Amp. Everything sounds ok but i feel front speakers are not loud anymore as they were before sub installation . Actually sound that comes from front speakers now seam to be flat and worst than before sub installation. If i turn off aftermarket sub off and turn on factory one (which is disconnected now) sound from front speakers is much better. Im going to call shop tomorrow and ask them if it is normal, but i would also like to ask here some experts about opinion and advice what should i ask tomorrow when i call guy that installed it. I have read somewhere if car has already factory amp they should use signal before that amp for sub. Is it something i should ask too ?