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  1. Bill Hast

    Alpine MRD-M1000 Settings help

    im just asking for help and if you didnt' want to help please don't respond geez I was raised as NO QUESTION IS A BAD QUESTION!! No reason to act like a jerk
  2. Bill Hast

    Alpine MRD-M1000 Settings help

    I have this Alpine MRD-M1000 Amp. And i have never messed with an amp like this I have looked up the manual online and it doesn't really explain what these mean I was hoping that I could get some info on these settings and what they do: 1-1 Input :1ch or 2ch (I have it set to 2 ch) 1-2 Input Level : 0.5 - 8.5V (0db - -24db (i head unit is 4V what show this be set at?) 1-3 Gain Factor : Adjustment range: 0dB/+6dB/+9dB (is this bass boast??) 2-1 LP On\Off :On (i undersand) 2-2 Frequency : Adjustment range: 30 – 200Hz (1/12 oct. step) (what is a good starting point to set this? I have two 10 inch subs) 3-1 Subsonic On/Off :On 3-2 Frequency : Adjustment Range: 15Hz – 50Hz (5Hz step) (where to set this?) 4-1 Parametric EQ On\Off (what is this and what does it do?) 4-2 Frequency : • Adjustment Range: fc = 30 – 160Hz (1/12 oct. step) (where to set it) 4-3 Width Q. : • Adjustment Range: Q = 0.5/1/2/3/4/5 (this does what?) 4-4 Level : Adjustment Range: ±12 dB (1 dB step) (i don't know what this does either) 5-1 Bass Compensation On\Off (this does what?) 5-2 Mode : • Adjustment Range: COMP.1/COMP.2/COMP.3 (?????) 6-1 Time Compensation On\Off 6-2 Delay Time :N\A 7-1 Phase :0\180 8-1 Amp Set ID No. :1 8-2 Time Of Delay :1.0 9-1 Output Disable :Off 0-1 Memory Write :Hopefully Correct Settings!! 0-2 Memory Read :Hopefully Correct Settings!! Any help would be great, thanks Here is the link to the manuals: https://all-guides.com/model/alpine/mrd-m1000.html