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  1. Hello my friends from the subwoofer forum here. What amp would you pair with the DB Machete M12D1 Sport? Got an otherwise stock Hyundai Sonata. I've got an R500X1D but thinking of going with a 1000-1500w amp. I'll be building a ported enclosure for this. https://deafbonce.com/subwoofers/machete-m12-d1-d2-sport
  2. I hear ya. You've got me considering upgrading my amp. New sub is a DVC1. I plan to keep a single 12" for the foreseeable future. Am I wrong in thinking that I'm not future-proofing myself by going with the HD3000 2ohm to run me for now, because in adding an identical sub to this one, those 2 DVC1 subs require either a 1ohm or 4ohm load? I'd need DVC2's?
  3. Is that something I want to install to monitor my stuff? How do I hook that up? I know dick about tuning an amp. So say I hold off on buying an amp and want to use my RF amp with this new sub for now. How can I best ensure I'm getting the most out of both the amp and my sub without destroying either? I'm probably ~100w below RMS rating for this new sub.
  4. Thank you. I found some wiggle room in my budget for an amp also if I feel like I need one. I have the Machete Sport M12D1 on the way. Is Taramps really the bee's knees? Bang for buck, those little amps are impressive. So, a voltmeter like this one? How do I use this thing? Volume up to levels I'll listen at, start gain low, raise it and watch for drops to 12.8 during the heaviest bass sections I've got? I want to make you nerds proud that you helped a newbie learn some new stuff. My sub is a DVC 1ohm so with the Taramps 3000.1 2ohm would I not be able to just add another identical sub to it and power off this amp?
  5. accidental post. cheers for the help.
  6. Well shit do I hold off on the sub I just ordered? I feel like my amp gives sufficient power for now. I know everyone would love to hear you set me up with 2400w to some bangers but I don't have that intention. Do I just go with a 350-500w sub that isn't some MTX Crutchfield shit tuned right? Edit: Unless I just say f**k it and grab a stronger amp though I wasn't budgeting for that. Suggest any well priced options to match this sub? But I'm ready to build an enclosure.
  7. Tbh looks pretty easy. I've got basic tools and ample space to make a mess but no legit benches/saws and whatnot. Jigsaw, drills, clamps, bench, glue. I purchased a machete m12d1 and am looking forward to trying my hand with a build.
  8. But then I'm getting into more serious upgrade territory for that kind of power. I don't want to get into swapping an alternator right now I don't think. I think I just want to get the absolute best I can get out of my ~650w @2ohm amp I have right now. No reason to dump it and I don't know that I've got the budget to get into upgrading my electrical system, although I don't know exactly what needs doing. Big3 and HO alternator?
  9. I appreciate the info. Looking at something like the Machete M12 v2 D1/D2 Sport 12", specs say it likes 950w RMS. Will my current amp sufficiently power this bad boy? Should I worry about going with a 1ohm or 4ohm DVC sub? Need to wire it for now at 2ohm, but also thinking about what makes most sense if I decide I want another sub. I guess you can always buy an amp for whatever I decide to go with.
  10. Thanks. Loaded question perhaps but should I do the big-3 upgrade based on what I'm running now? I don't know what a good battery is but I got mine from AutoZone 😂 Should I just pick one of those subs and run with it?
  11. Yea I've looked at some builds in passing. I absolutely want a box suited for the sub. Is it any more than looking at the manual for the sub and accounting for those suggested specs? I think I can account for bracing, not sure about rounding. I guess it's time to look at some builds. Thanks for the input. I have some homework to do
  12. See this is what doing a Google search for subs doesn't give me. I'm led to Crutchfield and sonic, etc. Thanks for this. I guess I've been led to believe I need a $250 12" sub for a good experience. Is that not necessarily always the case? Any one of these in particular you'd take over the other? I think my plan is to avoid having to upgrade my alternator (or whatever the fk needs doing for a 1000w+ setup) and bang as hard as I can down in these ranges for the foreseeable future. I beat the shit out of my sub currently but only for short periods of time and I probably push it harder because of my trash enclosure. Edit: the first link doesn't even have specs (as far as I can see), is it the updated version of the previous?
  13. I give no f*cks about brand name or anything. Bang for buck is what I'm after. Just want deep bass.
  14. Thanks for the feedback. So I think my play is a higher quality sub and a ported enclosure. I don't think I know anyone locally who can put together a box for me. Maybe my shop who installed my stuff can suggest someone. As far as a nicer woofer, I've heard the name Dayton mentioned. I don't know if they're any good. Their RSS315HO-44 seems decent, specs call for 700w RMS. There's also the Alpine R-W12D4. One review said to give it a good 750w, another review is running it with the same amp as I have and loving it. The Infinity KAPPA seems to run well on a 500w amp. This RE Audio SEXv2-12D4 seems good as well. I think I'm just worried I'm going to get too much woofer for my amp, but again, I'm fairly novice at this stuff.