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  1. If you are serious SPL competitor then every 0,1 dB is important! It happened that I have lost for 0,1 back in 2005 in finals fighting for World record in StreetB
  2. not necessary, but if you compete in SPL it would be a small benefit - +0.3-0.5 dB... coefficient of friction is smaller than bare MDF or plywood
  3. ....later sunday some new pics I toyed with port ending/aeroport. Made 4,5,6 different versions, in the end I didn't even count them anymore. I made several attempts with Floral foam, one with modeling paste, ...and the last version was made out of filler with strands. Since I wanted to somehow keep rabbeted part of the port intact I hadn't many options to make desired flare shape, in the end I ended with just simple transition from port pipe to the rest of the panel. This part will be probably redesigned later. so heres some pics, not all versions were photographed, so here is what I have: V1 with straight pipe, the exit of the port was too obstructed V2 with angled pipe Vx attempt with modeling paste - first step was to position port tube with 45 degree elbow this is really tight fit...a millimeter on each side to the driver basket then I taped off everything with Alu tape and apply modeling paste and shaped it to desired shape again Alu foil and wax fiberglas applied after it cured I removed fiberglass part and cleaned up edges. I scraped it because there would be needed a lot of fitting and timing to get everything aligned perfectly....so up to a new version .... more after commercials