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    Clarion HX-D1

    I can take some pics when I get home
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    Hey guys, Im new here, but definitely not new to car audio. Im 47 and come from Europe/Slovenia. I enjoy fabricate various car audio stuff like door-panels, A-pillars, trunks,....Some members from DIYMA and TA might know me...anyways, here are a couple of pics of my never ended system in Alfa Romeo 147 that consist of Pioneer HU, Brax/Crown amps, JBL and Hybrid Audio Speakers. There are some changes here and there regarding equipment - different HU, different Processor, different amps and Subs KEF B200 /JBL W15 GTI Subwoofers, McIntosh/Soundstream/Brax amps, Pioneer DEQ or Helix DSP Pro procesor, Alpine 7939/Clarion HX D1 modded to coax,...head units. a short video of the system