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  1. idrackert

    High Input Question

    Oh I see, yes that makes sense that the factory stereo might "cross-over" the signal to eliminate certain frequencies. I assumed (oops) that it was just a signal - voltage - I was taping into and that the amp would provide the frequency with its built in adjustable cross-over. This is just going to a 10" enclosed Alpine bass tube. I may just end up getting an after market head unit and running RCA + 12v signal from there. I am really basing my decision on how big of a pain in my rear hooking up high output signals is. This is why I have never done it before...
  2. idrackert

    High Input Question

    Haha luckily I love history. The amp I have is an Alpine MRV500. What is factory bass roll off? I will attempt to use the stock settings for bass mid and treble to blend in with the subwoofer. I have a control knob for the amp so that I can dial it in as best as possible. I'm certainly not going for an SQ comp setup, just want some extra mid/low bass. In my mind hooking up to one speaker seems like enough for a signal. But since I've never done it before I can't say for sure and I like to plan things out before I just go to tearing apart interiors. Thanks for the response!
  3. idrackert

    High Input Question

    Hello, Thank you for the response. The amplifier that I have does have the built in sensor to turn the amp on using the high input connection. I'm very glad for this and it is the sole reason I am not interested in replacing my stock head unit. If I had to find a remote 12v for the amp sensor to work then I might as well go aftermarket head unit and use low input RCA connections and the provided remote wire connection. As you stated, my stock system sounds decent as is. I just want to add a little more bass. My question though is, do I need to run wires from all the speakers to the amp high input connection if I'm only using a mono amp to drive one sub? I really don't want to 9 wire (or whatever you call it) all the speakers if I don't have to. Ideally I'd like to just tap into one rear speaker to get the signal necessary to run the sub. This is ideal for me because my battery is in the trunk. This means that power, ground, and speaker wire can be really short and direct. I'd hate to have to run a 9 wire all the way up to the stock head unit, I'd prefer to just use the rear speaker(s) keeping everything nice and tight and short runs.
  4. Hello all! I am new to this forum but have been installing car audio for many years. Believe it or not, I have never hooked an amp up using a high input connection. To me it seems like a bigger PITA than to just install an aftermarket head unit with low input RCA connections. My question is: do I need to connect the high input wires from the amp to all 4 speakers if I'm only running a mono amp? (If not, how many speaker wires do I need to tap into for the mono amp set up?) I'd really like to just connect to the rear speaker(s). Thank you for your wisdom and knowledge!