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  1. To wew lad, You made me LOL! no it doesn't smell like old people. It only had 35K miles when we bought it a few years ago and we bought it from a company that buys vans and converts them into wheel chair vans. This one had 4 captains chairs and a bench in it and the guy desided to just sell it instead of converting it because it was already pretty nice. So we got away without the old people smell. I can relate to what you are saying though.
  2. Bingo! You are absolutely right. I backed up until the sensor was going off and then pushed the mute button and it stopped. Thanks Any idea what the little display next to the button was supposed to be?
  3. I have a 07 Ford E250 conversion van. There is a button along with what looks like should be some kind of display next to it. Must have something to do with sound to something because the button has a mute symbol on it.The back of the button has 2 wires and the display part has a ribbon cable. This stuff is mounted on the lower dashboard below and to the right of the steering wheel. Thanks